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Marshside Sign

The Marshside is a very lovely place for lunch. It literally sits on the side of the marsh (thankfully sans a boggy odor). There are large bay windows all around the dinning area allowing you to look out over the greenery. I have to wonder what the view is like at night, when there are no lights and it is probably not possible to see far. Anyway, on to the food.

I’m not a big fan of corn chowder, but the bowl ($4.95) my girlfriend got was nice. It was creamy but not overly thick, and was chocked full of corn. It was a little lifeless at first, but with a pinch of salt improved dramatically. The topping of bacon and croutons were a nice addition.

Marshside Corn Chowder

The Baked Seafood Platter ($15.95) is nothing extraordinary, but does not disappoint. It’s a small sampling of seafood with five or six scallops, a small piece of cod (topped with lemon butter sauce), and a single stuffed shrimp. While there is nothing earth-shattering about the seafood, it is well prepared and tasty. The sides, on the other hand, were excellent. The mashed potatoes were creamy, garlicy, and delicious. The mashed squash was equally wonderful.

Marshside Baked Seafood Platter

The Chicken Salad Club ($11.95) was unbelievably good. The white meat was moist and tender. The blend between meat and mayo was perfect. Without exaggeration, I can say it was probably the best chicken salad I’ve ever eaten. The multi-grain bread was perfectly toasted, crisp on the outside while soft and yielding inside. The bacon was a nice addition to the sandwich, though not entirely necessary with the quality of the other contents. Our waitress had no problem substituting sweet potato fries for regular fries. They were well salted, crisp, and tasty.

Marshside Chicken Salad

The view is lovely, the staff is friendly, and the chicken salad is exemplary. Marshside is definitely a nice place for lunch.

The Marshside
28 Bridge St
East Dennis, MA 02638
(508) 385-4010
(Google Map)


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