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Colony Grill

Thin crust pizza. That’s all they serve. There are no wings, there are no heroes. There is only one size pizza ($8.00) measuring in at around a foot. The topping are relatively standard fare at $1.50 each. There is beer and soda available as well. Colony does one thing: Pizza. Thin crust pizza.

Connecticut pizza aficionados rave about New Haven pizzerias as the crème de la crème. However, when people talk about hanging out, having a few brews, and getting something to eat, they mention Colony. Operations have recently been expanded to include a Fairfield location, but this review is of the original in Stamford.

My girlfriend and I ordered a pepperoni and a sausage pie. I asked the waitress about the sausage before ordering and she informed me that it was made by the De Yulio’s Sausage Co. in the neighborhood. I’m always intrigued by fresh, locally made toppings.

The sausage was chunk style. It was tasty, but not especially flavorful. Perhaps it could have used more fennel. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t seem inspired.

Colony Sausage

The pepperoni was large, but cut paper thin, so much so that is almost disappeared into translucency. This gave the pizza an “essence of pepperoni” flavor instead of an actual pepperoni topping taste.

Colony Pepperoni

This pizza is definitely cracker thin. As you can see from the photos, there is no really edge crust (a plus for people that generally discard the crust). What was very odd was that the crust really reminded me of a cracker. It did not have the airy quality and yield that many thin-crust pizzas have, but almost tasted and felt like it was made from crackers. I would not be surprised if I was told that saltines were ground up to make the crust. Don’t get me wrong, this was not necessarily bad, but it was definitely different.

The sauce is nothing spectacular, but good. It is not watery or bland, but has a pleasant tomato flavor. The cheese is nothing to write home about.

An important note: This pizza is greasy. It is an exceptionally oily pizza. I considered ordering the hot oil pie (pizza topped with hot chili oil), a local favorite. After seeing the other pies making their way to other diner, I could not possibly add more oil to this meal. The cholesterol wary should definitely avoid Colony.

In terms of décor, Colony is simply a pizzeria on steroids. Seating is bench style. The lighting is low. There are napkin dispensers and a standing menu at each station. Its a good place to chill, have a drink or two and something to eat. It is not a place for an evening out with your finance’s parents that you are attempting to impress. I went at around 9:30pm on a Sunday, and the place was full, but there was no waiting. It may be a place that gets filled up on a weekend. While I think this is a very good pizza for a night out, I would not wait a half-hour for this particular experience.

Colony Grill
172 Myrtle Avenue
Stamford, CT‎ 06902
(Google Map)


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