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Bayou Restaurant

The Bayou is very popular with folks from Mount Vernon. Aside from the food, they also have many live acts. Some are cover bands, some are original blues, some reggae, so generally a mix of styles. One of the big draws for local acts, at least among my friends that have played the Bayou, is the fact that they feed the band.

House Salad

The entrees come with a house salad. Pretty standard stuff: romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, and some form of honey dressing. Tasty.


My girlfriend got the meatloaf. It comes with a side of mashed potatoes and greens. The meatloaf is topped with what the menu called “white trash gravy”. That gravy was some form of spiced ketchup. Nothing to go crazy over, but it didn’t detract from the taste of the meat. The mashed potatoes are topped with a brown, probably beef, gravy. There are plenty of delicious lumps inside, good and fresh. I’m not sure if the greens are kale or spinach, but they are firm, tart, and really good. The meatloaf is nice, something akin to a really good meatball.

Louisiana Sampler

I got the the Louisiana Sampler. Technically, it is an appetizer, but as you can see by the size, it is a meal unto itself. It comes with a mug of gumbo (mug? Yeah, a mug), pile of jambalaya, and pair of crawfish pies. The gumbo is awesome. It has plenty of crawfish and sausage, and is topped with a little yellow rice. Super. The jambalaya was also nice. I’ve had jambalaya here a number of times, and if I have any complaint, it is that this dish is rarely the same twice. Sometimes it’s more moist, sometimes there is less sausage. Of the number of times that I’ve had it, I can only recall once that I didn’t enjoy the dish. However, many times have not lived up to one spectacular occasion. The crawfish pies are flaky and tasty. Accompanying it was some sort of white sauce with a few slices of Granny Smith apple. The sauce had no real taste, and I’m not sure that the apple went with the pies. They were “Eh.”

As you can see by the photos, the lighting is pretty low. The décor is pretty causal, no need to dress up for this venue. Check their calendar if you want to hear live music, but if not, there are plenty of evenings where you can enjoy the quiet, kick back a few drinks from the bar, and mow through a hearty meal.

Bayou Restaurant
580 Gramatan Avenue
Mt Vernon, NY 10552-2118
(Google Map)


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