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Georgie’s Diner

I was very sad to see the Equinox Diner close. A diner is perfect for times when my girlfriend and I can’t decide what to eat. Breakfast? They’ve got it all day. Sandwiches and salad? It’s there aplenty. However, this can also lead to extreme suckage. With a diverse and large menu, it can be hard to do everything well. Divine are the places that do it all right.

After our initial shock at seeing the Equinox gone, we remembered a sign off exit 40 on the Connecticut Turnpike. Georgie’s Diner has a huge billboard advertising gluten-free classics. Oh yeah, gluten-free classics like Mom uses to make.

Georgie Sign

Georgie’s looks like an old-fashioned diner, chrome and glass. The menu is very modern. The burgers feature Pat LaFreida beef. There is an expansive selection of gluten-free fare. Vegan fare is also available. However, for this first visit, we kept it simple.

Chicken Salad

The Chicken Salad Triple Decker ($8.50) was good, but not a transcendent experience. The chicken was moist but not over-the-top special. It wasn’t bad, but it did not make my toes tingle. Thankfully, they were not too heavy with the mayo. The bacon was standard, not really thick, but basic supermarket fare. Overall, it is a nice sandwich, but nothing worth a special trip.

The star of the show was the onion rings which were fried in seasoned breadcrumbs. Not greasy, not overly salty, they were thick cut and delicious.

French Toast

The Short Stack Challah French Toast ($3.25) is beautifully presented, but not again, nothing special. A little more crust and sear would have been nice, but the bread was airy and eggy. Don’t mistake this for being improperly cooked. There is nothing worse than undercooked french toast. It was properly done, but a little snap to the shell would have been beautiful.

If pressed, I would say Georgie’s gets a thumbs-up. I would definitely venture a second trip, but I would try some of the more exotic fare.

Georgie’s Diner
427 Elm Street
West Haven, CT 06516


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