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Frank’s Food Court

There are a few things a deli has to do to “get it right”.

1. Speed
There is no need to break a land speed record, but a sandwich that consists of sliced deli meats, cheese, and a few greens should not take 20 minutes to make. Hot dishes should be cooked quickly and if anything will take more than 15 minutes, the customer should be informed that additional time is required.

2. Fresh Bread
Artisan bread is nice. Interesting selections that include baguette, ciabatta, sourdough, etc… is a bonus, but even if the only option is white or wheat, it should be fresh.

3. Don’t Skimp
A giant hunk of break with two slices of turkey tastes bad, looks bad, and should be considered outright theft.

After these few rules, everything else is done to stay ahead of the pack. Is there an interesting selection? What kind of salads are offered? Are there soups?

Frank’s Food Court is a very popular place in Elmsford. Every day, including weekends, there is a large lunch crowd, both eating in and taking away. There is a little hot food area, a few salads, and a nice selection of chips, cookies, and sodas, but the main attraction is the sandwich selection. Frank’s boasts an impressive menu board that features all sorts of wedges, wraps, burgers, and Panini. Going beyond the professionally printed board, there are 8.5×11 sheets hung beneath, on support beams, and on the walls that feature new creations and specials.

Upon entering, there is a large counter area where customers wait in line to place their order. The space can get a little cramped during the lunch rush as everyone is caught in the narrow area between the soda and the cookies. On the plus side, there are usually at least seven people waiting to take your order, and they work fast. To help the congestion, if you place your order to stay, they will bring it to you in the adjacent seating area. There is a large television with ESPN playing at a reasonable volume and a bathroom is available if you would like to wash your hands before handling your sandwich. (Well done.)

The plethora of sandwiches feature roast beef, turkey, salami, prosciutto, and more. However, when I venture to Frank’s, I’m having the chicken… and the chicken is good. It is fresh, cooked properly whether grilled of fried, and provided in ample amounts on whatever sandwich ordered. (Again, well done.)

Diablo Wedge

On this particular trip, I got the Diablo wedge. It features chicken cutlet, bacon, lettuce, jalapeño mayo, hot sauce, and mozzarella. I asked for that, hold the cheese. Lo, and behold, they got it right. It sucks when places mess up substitutions, add-ons, or leave-offs. This is basically a buffalo chicken sandwich with mayo instead of blue cheese.

It was excellent. The bread is fresh and crusty. The chicken was hot and delicious. The bacon, while not crisp was properly cooked and a cut above average. It was thicker than the standard supermarket bacon and considerably lean. I consider this an excellent piece of attention to detail for what is generally considered an accoutrement. There was enough hot sauce to make my lips tingle, but not too much to make my eyes water. The portion is more than ample, and the price of $8.60 is hard to beat.

Frank’s is a regular destination for me, so I’m happy to post a good review. Though they have a steady crowd, they have not rested on their laurels, but continue to try new items while still providing a steady staple of their classics. I can unabashedly recommend Frank’s to anyone who wants a well-above-average sandwich.

Frank’s Food Court
349 East Main Street
Elmsford, NY 10523-3417
(Google Map)


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