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Gyro Grill

It’s hard to judge a place objectively when you get exactly what you want. Think of a time that you craved a burger. You were in a strange place and were not sure you could get exactly what you desired. Lo and behold, over the horizon, a burger place. They have the toppings you want, they have the type of beef you like. The bun is your preferred potato roll. It is difficult to say whether or not it was really good. You were not sure you would be able to get what you desired, but somehow you found it.

When I found the Gyro Grill, I was craving a gyro. I’m not terribly familiar with the wilds of Connecticut, and I did not recall seeing anyplace with some obviously Greek names, so when I happened upon Gyro Grill, I felt that I already succeeded. All it needed to be was half-decent and I would be satisfied.


I think it was a little beyond half-decent, but I’m not sure it went much further. The meat was cut thicker than many places, which I liked, but tasted more beefy than lamby. Each slice had a nice bit of char which added to the experience. The thaziki sauce did not have much character. It tasted like yogurt with cucumber. While not the worst thing, it could have stood a little more seasoning. The pita was fresh and pleasant. Here’s one thing that was odd: there was no lettuce unless I ordered a deluxe. It had onions and tomatoes, but no lettuce. Huh? I didn’t think iceberg was expensive or a rare commodity. While not the worst omission, I did find it strange. It that a more authentic method of serving?

The onion rings were pleasant, crisp, and tasty, but nothing spectacular.

The restaurant is by no means fancy. It is spacious and clean, but no more than a standard cafeteria style setup. Excellent for lunch and a casual dinner, but not the fancy dress place you bring girls to impress.

Gyro Grill
1485 Black Rock Tpke
Fairfield, CT 06825-4112
(Google Map)


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