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Dr. Frank N Swine

Dr. Frank N Swine is only available seasonally in Cape Cod. They come to town for a few months and set up shop in the Masonic Temple parking lot. Each weekend, they serve up brisket, ribs, chicken, pork, and whatever else they feel like dishing out.

Don’t worry, even if you miss the tent, you can’t miss the trailer.

Rib Platter
I decided to try the Rib Plate ($7.00). It comes with three meaty ribs and choice of two sides. The ribs are tender, but don’t fall off the bone. They have a little resistance, but are not stringy. The flavor is smoky, but not overpowering. The accompanying sauce is more tangy than sweet, which I thought was nice. I got the potato salad and baked beans for sides. The potato salad was nice, but not special. Same went for the beans.

Saucing Brisket
Pint of Brisket
My girlfriend got the Brisket ($12.00 per pint). It was not terribly moist, but not dry. It had good bark and a nice smoky flavor. It was good, but did not knock my socks off.

The menu changes from time to time, so be sure to check the whiteboard for what it available. The operation is strictly take away. There are a couple benches in the lot, but people would usually pick something up and then take off. On a nice day, like when we visited, it is nice to sit outside and enjoy a little barbeque. It was good, but not excellent. I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way for it, but I would stop in for lunch again.

Dr. Frank N Swine
107 Main Street
Orleans, MA 02653
(Google Map)


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