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Captain Frosty’s Fish & Chips

Captain Frosty Sign
Captain Frosty’s is dull. That statement is not really a condemnation, I just don’t think anyone should rush to eat there. The atmosphere is chill. There is indoor seating and a small patio, perfect for relaxing and shooting the breeze with friends. The only problem is that they do not serve alcohol.

That’s the review. There isn’t much more to say. Below are some pictures of food with a few descriptions, but I’ve really said all that is necessary.

Fish Sandwich
The fish sandwich is dull. I’m not sure if they used haddock or flounder. Either way, it tastes fresh, but definitely not special.

Onion Rings
The onion rings are alright, perfect for sharing. Since Captain Frosty’s is seafood-centric, there is plenty of tartar sauce, which I like for onion ring dipping.

Clam Cakes
The clam cakes are not especially clammy, but not necessarily overloaded with bread batter. Eh.

My girlfriend said the burger was fair. It wasn’t overcooked and the bun was fresh.

Vanilla Milkshake
The vanilla milkshake was… a vanilla milkshake.

Stop in at Captain Frosty’s if you need a quick snack. The prices are fair, the food is served up quickly and the staff was pleasant. Go in, grab some rings, something to drink and chill out. Just don’t drive out of your way to get there.

Captain Frosty’s Fish & Chips
219 Route 6A
Dennis, MA 02601
(Google Map)


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