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My Gryo

My Gyro Front
In New York City, shops that have falafel and hummus don’t require much effort to find. In Stratford Connecticut, or “God’s Country” as I like to call it, such culinary delights are a little harder to stumble upon.

MG told me about My Gyro, but I was skeptical and worried. Falafel in a pita can run between $2 and $7 in NYC. In areas where such food is not common, I’ve seen people charge as much as $12. I’ll pay a premium for some items, but I can also recognize when you’re just gouging. At My Gyro, the falafel in pita is $5. I can live with that.

Bitten Falafel
The falafel was not the tastiest I ever had, but it was very nice. It wasn’t exceptionally crunchy or airy, but the texture was good and the flavor was nice. They are not oversized balls, but they didn’t skimp either. As you can gather, they were not the greatest I’ve ever had, but they were worthwhile. After eating, I found myself rubbing my tongue along the roof of my mouth as if savoring the experience. That has to count for something. The pita is loaded with lettuce, tomato, onions, and on some days, diced pickles.

Bitten Gyro
Their namesake, the gyro ($5.75) is also good. They get a nice char on the outside of the meat and fill it with the same toppings as the falafel. Again, the meat did not strike me as exceptional while eating, but I was licking my chops afterwards.

The hummus ($4.50) is awesome. It is not especially creamy, but has wonderful notes of lemon and delicate chickpea flavor. The adjoining warm pita basket is fresh. The hummus is a must order.

All the sandwiches are available on pita or wrap. Wrap? Yeah, wrap. I can’t imagine what any of these dishes would taste like with a wrap. I wonder if they offer the standard tortilla style wrap or something more exotic. I’m not sure I want to find out.

They have a cool assortment of juices and soda available in exotic flavors. MG and I got the guava and papaya respectively. Nice!

In the area, there aren’t many Turkish cuisine options, so My Gyro is a welcome addition. Their space is small, so don’t expect to stay there with a party of six. This is mostly a pick up and go operation, but there are a few stools and one table available for the occasional dine-in customer. I’m looking forward to trying other items on the menu, but the hummus is definitely something I’ve got to order again.

My Gryo
1030 Stratford Avenue
Stratford, CT 06615
(Google Map)


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