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Bailey’s Smokehouse

“Barbeque? I don’t know about that.”

That seems to be the consensus when I tell people about barbeque restaurants. A friend of MG declared that she would not eat barbeque, no matter how grand the accolades. I think that most people have memories of backyard cookouts with fathers flipping premade frozen patties of beef and parboiled ribs that are lathered with Kraft’s latest concoction. Either that or they have the image of the slovenly oaf at the All-You-Can-Eat dive clad in stained sweatpants, sucking his fingers and licking a ring of sauce from around his lips. Possibly, just possibly, they are wary of barbeque being a recent hipster obsession and they don’t want to sit in a fancy-pants place nibbling on choice cuts of meat at $40 a plate.

Whatever the misconception, it is a shame. I used to dismiss barbeque until I started to read about how good brisket is prepared. Hearing about the hours of slow cooking, the attention paid to the types of wood and the regulation of temperature, sauce being secondary, really sparked my fancy. It sounded like it was right up my alley: a deep, complex, savory meat whether beef, pork, or chicken. At its best, barbeque is something that makes you lick your chops for hours afterward. It is savored and mulled over. Bailey’s Smokehouse gets it right.

I’ve been going to Bailey’s for a long time. I have to give credit to Jason Perlow’s wonderful Off The Broiler blog for turning me to the place (original review). They have the NFL package, so fans of all teams can enjoy the food while watching the game.

Brisket Platter
I highly recommend the brisket. It is meaty, tender, and delicious. MG always orders it when we go. She also treasures the bourbon glazed carrots and the corn souffle. The corn souffle is my second favorite around (I’ll eventually review my fave). The carrots are tender, mildly sweet, and delicious.

Three Meat Platter
I went for the three meat platter. There are a plethora of meats to choose from, and I went with the brisket, spare ribs, and pulled pork. The spare ribs are tender, but have a pleasant bit of resistance, just enough so that they do not fall apart. The pulled pork was wonderful. It was the first time I’ve ever tried it and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not have an abundance of vinegar. It was juicy without being over-sauced or undercooked. I will definitely be ordering it again.

I also got the corn souffle, but for my second side I got the collard greens. That’s where the vinegar was hiding. They were tart. It was a pleasant contrast to the savory portions of my meal, but not a dish that everyone would enjoy.

I won’t be going to Bailey’s for awhile. It is near the Palisades Mall which gets pretty crowded around the holiday shopping season. If you are braving the crowds and engaging in some trading, definitely stop in for a bite.

Bailey’s Smokehouse
136 Erie Street
E Blauvelt, NY 10913
(Google Map)


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