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Reviews, raves, slams, and damns.

Lefteris Gyro

Lefteris is always hopping on the weekends. They don’t have many tables, so they get crowded pretty quickly, and there are always plenty of people waiting outside to get a seat.

Vegetable Soup
MG started with the vegetable soup. It was a rich minestrone filled with carrots, peas, and other bits of goodness. MG enjoyed it, and from what I tried, I would appreciate a bowl on a cold day myself. It comes with a big pile of warm pita triangles.

Grape Leaves
The Grape Leaves were great. They had plenty of flavor, and as you can see the portion is more than generous. I was surprised that they served it with tzadiki sauce. I’ve never seen that before. Though I did not like the sauce with the leaves, I did enjoy stealing some of MG’s pita and utilizing it as dip.

The Gyro is huge. The lamb is tender and perfectly cooked. It is loaded with lettuce, tomato, and onions. It is a little oily, but who cares. The meat falls apart at the slightest prodding with a fork. The tzadiki sauce compliments it very well. It is simply beautiful. It is not my favorite gyro, but it does rank at number two on the hit parade.

Greek Salad with Chicken
MG got the Greek Salad with Chicken. It comes in what could be accurately described as a metal punch bowl. I don’t like the dressing, not because it is not tasty, but because it gives me a stomach ache. (Something to do with the vinegar. How can I eat grape leaves? I don’t know.) She absolutely adores this dish. From what I’ve tried, the chicken is well cooked, but still tender. There is a nice bit of charring, but it is not overdone. She recommends the dish highly.

If you don’t like raw onions, be sure to tell your waiter. There are onions of some kind on almost everything. They will be sure to leave them out if you ask.

If you want to avoid a crowd at Lefteris, go for lunch or sometime other than dinner hour. It is worth the trip.

Lefteris Gyro
1 Main Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591-3613
(Google Map)


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