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Marselli’s Deli and Catering

I really wanted a Chicken Salad Sandwich. I had an hour before my next appointment and I really wanted a Chicken Salad Sandwich. Where could I find a good chicken salad sandwich in the wilds of Purchase/Port Chester/White Plains/Purchase?

“Good” is the important word. Chicken salad can be had at almost any deli in the world. However, the differences in each can be very striking. Even on this site, there are a few different types of chicken salad ranging from awesome to “Eh.” What type of chicken do they use? Light or dark meat? It is in big chunks or little chunks? Is it just chicken and mayo or did the proprietors utilize any form of seasoning? What else did they put in the salad? After that, what are the bread options?

Marsellis Storefront
I decided to try Marselli’s. The store looks like it has been dipped in amber, not sticky, but frozen in time. For some reason, most delis don’t sell the daily paper anymore. They also have a lotto station for the degenerate gambler (no offense).

Chicken Salad on Wheat Roll
I got my sorely desired Chicken Salad with Bacon and Tomato on a Whole Wheat roll ($6.80). I was glad that they had wheat rolls as I usually find most wheat breads at delis pretty lousy. This rolls was fresh and airy. It wasn’t exactly light, but didn’t taste like it was made from plaster. Thumbs up! The bacon was standard supermarket fare, but they made it fresh which was very nice. It was still warm. The chicken salad itself was great. The chicken was mostly white meat and diced into small bits. They only filler I could find was little bits of celery. I don’t like the texture of celery, but these bits were small enough that it did not bother me in the slightest. I’m not sure what seasoning they used, but the flavor was wonderful.

This experience was great. It met my expectations and then some. They also do catering and have a huge selection of frozen items (pastas, wings, appetizers). Their service was prompt, the price was good, and the food was delicious. I would definitely try something else at Marselli’s.

Maselli’s Delicatessen & Catering
531 Boston Post Road
Kohl’s Shopping Center, Route 1
Portchester, NY, 10577
(Google Map)


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