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Jackson Hole Burgers

It is my favorite burger. I have been coming to this location for over a decade. Of all the burgers I’ve had, the taste of the Jackson Hole burger is my gold standard. It simply tastes “right”. When I think of what a burger should be, I think of the Jackson Hole on Columbus Avenue. However…

MG’s favorite burger resides at Veselka. She calls the Jackson Hole burger “boring” and lacking in seasoning. I disagree, but on this visit, I could understand why she has that opinion. I don’t know what type of beef Jackson Hole uses, but I am pretty sure that it is not all chuck. From the taste, there is probably some sirloin. It makes for a leaner burger with a different flavor. It does have a “steaky” sort of taste, which is not necessarily what many people want from a burger. I still love the burger, but MG’s estimation no longer fills me with a blinding rage.

Bacon Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions
On this occasion, I got a Bacon Cheeseburger with some grilled onions. Their burgers are advertised as 7oz. I would guess that they are bigger. Either way, unless you are absolutely starving, there is no need to order an appetizer. The bun is boring. It tastes like something you can get from any supermarket in the bargain aisle. It does not matter. The taste of beef and the toppings completely overwhelm the bread. The bun is merely a burger delivery system. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether that is a plus or minus.

The burgers are grilled on a flat top, but because of the size, a metal bowl is placed over the top to ensure that it cooks through. The result is a very juicy burger, albeit without much outside char. Ask for plenty of napkins. I ordered a medium. On this occasion, it was lightly overdone. I only make note because this was an aberration. They are usually spot on with their medium.

The bacon is fine. The cheese is nothing special. The beef is the show. Give it a shot.

Chicken Salad Sandwich
MG, not being a fan of the burger, got a Chicken Salad Sandwich with bacon on wheat. She said that by itself, it was boring, but with the addition of bacon, a little salt and pepper, the sandwich was pretty nice. You may notice that there is no bacon on the sandwich in this picture. They forgot. However, the situation was remedied once we were able to flag our waitress. A nice pile of bacon (more than enough) was brought out to rectify the mistake.

Sweet Potato Fries
To accompany her sandwich, she got an order of Sweet Potato Fries. They were very good. Very crisp, properly cooked, and lightly salted, these were a big surprise. Definitely give them a shot if you need some deep fried potato.

Are MG and I every going to see eye to eye on this burger? No. Your mileage may vary. Remember, Jackson Hole has multiple locations and the burgers vary depending on where you go. My personal favorite is their Columbus Avenue location, but the Park Avenue location was also very good.

Jackson Hole Burgers
517 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10024
(Google Map)


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