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Iron Tomato

If you want to try everything that is wrong with grilled chicken, go to Iron Tomato in White Plains.

I read an article once about the state of the chicken breast. Apparently, it was once prized in many forms of cuisine. It has since been relegated to a food for the health-conscious or dieter. Perhaps the reason is because of the way that most places cook the life out of the poor thing.

What can be done to make it taste better? There is no need to drown it in olive oil. It does not need to be slathered with tongue-numbing amounts of lemon or rosemary. How about not pounding it out with a hammer? How about not slicing it paper thin so that it barely resembles a meat product? How about not cooking it to within an inch of being a recognizable substance? I was barking up the wrong tree at Iron Tomato.

Iron Tomato GC
I got a Grilled Chicken Sandwich on a roll with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and honey mustard ($6.99). The chicken was fresh. I saw steam rising off of the tray inside the deli case. The chicken was warm. The chicken’s width was pathetic. It might have been the width of 6 sheets of loose leaf. I don’t really know what it tasted like. It was more of a texture. That texture was that of wet straw. What was really bad was that I could see that I was going to be eating paper thin chicken, but I ordered it anyway. Hey, it was freshly cooked. What better time? Right?

The bacon was awful. It was not crisp. It was a tough, chewy wretch of a thing.

The honey mustard was fair. I liked that it was made with a dark brown mustard instead of a yellow, but it was placed on the sandwich in such a sparing amount, I only tasted it in the first bite.

Some people might say, “Iron Tomato is for Italian specialties. You should have gotten something else.” So, they should put something on the menu and put no effort into making it any good? Forgive me if I don’t really like most Italian combination sandwiches. I’m not a huge fan of sandwiches that combine multiple types of cased pork, cheese, and some form of oil onto a wedge of bread. Sometimes I just want the simple taste of a good grilled chicken sandwich.

This was not that sandwich.

Iron Tomato
57 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10602
(Google Map)


One response to “Iron Tomato

  1. Richard A. Preto-Rodas January 17, 2012 at 7:11 pm


    You might receive a note from my friend at INKWATU. I appreciate your very frank appraisals.

    Uncle RP-Rrpretoro

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