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Johnny’s Pizzeria

Neon Sign
Johnny’s Pizzeria is very popular with the residents of Westchester. Practically, everyone that lives in Mount Vernon, knows, has eaten at, or has passed by Johnny’s. It is not an understatement to say that Johnny’s is an institution.

MG and I were headed out of town, so we wanted some form of dinner with no leftovers. MG was also in the mood for pizza. Pizza? No leftovers? We needed something with a thin crust. Thin crust? Tasty? Let’s give Johnny’s a shot. I tried their pizza years ago and was not bowled over, but I wasn’t offended. It was worth another shot.

Johnny’s is just as popular as ever. The parking lot, though small, was packed. Inside was not as packed, but there was a steady stream of customers in and out. We did not have to wait for a table.

If you are a Red Sox fan, you might want to get your pizza to go. The walls are littered with Yankee memorabilia. I tried not to let that sway my review. Then again, I’m a Mets fan, so I’m probably just bitter.

Johnnys Sodas
This is another place that has been dipped in amber (again, not sticky, just frozen in time). Check out how the sodas came out. Cold. Just what I wanted. But, there is something kind of old fashioned about not providing a glass with ice.

Johnnys Pepperoni Pie
We got a large pie with Pepperoni. Their sauce is a little watery, but quite tasty. It is not acidic, nor is it terribly sweet. The cheese is well applied, not too skimpy, not too heavy. The pizza itself is very thin. The pepperoni is nothing special, but compliments the pie nicely. Two people can definitely knock off a pie together.

Johnnys Upskirt
The upskirt shot shows a crust that is properly cooked, but not crisp. This could have used a few more minutes in the oven. When biting into the pizza, there was a certain underdone quality to the crust. It didn’t taste chewy or undercooked, but I definitely think that a few more minutes of cooking would have made this pizza something special.

The total bill came to $21.70. I would definitely hit Johnny’s again. On the next visit, I might ask them to leave the pie in the oven a wee bit longer.

Johnny’s Pizzeria
30 West Lincoln Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
(Google Map)


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