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Reviews, raves, slams, and damns.

Bridgeport Flyer

The Bridgeport Flyer is one of the most popular diners in its area, which is not Bridgeport. It’s actually located in Milford. So, why is it the “Bridgeport Flyer”? It resides on Bridgeport Avenue. Confusing, right?

Bridgeport Onion Rings
I’m still searching for the perfect onion rings. This particular order ($4.29) did not mean an end to my quest. They were well cooked, and not greasy, which was nice. However, they were tough and chewy. While they tasted good, the texture was appalling. It wasn’t an epic fail, but it certainly was not a win. These rings are your standard frozen diner variety. Unless you really want rings, and you’re ready to give your jaw a workout, skip this offering.

Bridgeport Chicken Fingers
MG got an order of Chicken Fingers ($7.29). As you can see, the order is pretty big. This is the appetizer portion, and it is definitely big enough for a meal (or enough to share). Like the rings, the flavor was pleasant, but the chicken was ultimately tough. I wonder if the cooks are keeping the oil hot enough. Again, the fingers were not greasy, but there was no crunch of crust or snap with each bite. The honey mustard on the side is a spicy brown. That was not a problem for me, but MG prefers honey mustard made with yellow mustard and heavy on the honey. I thought the dipping sauce was nice, but some people may be averse to dark and spicy.

Bridgeport Gyro
I got the Gyro ($7.29). I won’t be ordering a gyro there again. Damning as that sounds, it wasn’t horrible. The tzadiki sauce was actually very good. It did not taste like a bland mixture of cucumbers and yogurt. The flavors of all the ingredients had really melded to create a really nice condiment. The pita was fresh and while not outstanding, there was nothing offensive about the taste or texture. There was plenty of lettuce, some tomatoes, and bits of chopped onion on top. All of those things were fine, but the meat was boring. How the heck do you make lamb boring? I love lamb. All you have to do is not do something dumb with it and I’ll be satisfied. If you manage to create something tender and tasty, you’ll definitely get my business again. This gyro meat had virtually no flavor. How the heck can lamb have no flavor? I don’t know, but this one didn’t. Once again, it did not offend me, but there was nothing really enjoyable about the dish either.

The Bridgeport Flyer served food. They didn’t burn it. They didn’t undercook it. They created food that is necessary for sustaining life. I’m not sure that they went beyond that. They probably do a good job with things like eggs, omlettes, bacon, toast, and cold cuts. Anything that involves assembly and a minimum of seasoning is probably their forte. Beyond that, I can’t see returning.

Bridgeport Flyer

249 Bridgeport Avenue
Milford, CT 06460
(Google Map)


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