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Go Greenly

Go Greenly Logo

Frogurt is just kinda weird. It isn’t ice cream. It wants to be ice cream. It might even want to be gelato, but it isn’t. The texture is pretty different, and the flavor can be a little bizarre. Sometimes, it works. It’s usually best when not eaten as an ice cream substitute, but as its own entity.


Go Greenly is very much in the mode of Chilly Spoons. Get a pull of frozen yogurt, add toppings, pay by weight (in this case $0.59 per ounce). Samples are also available.

Pump Station

Pump your own frozen yogurt. Don’t be afraid to make combinations, but be wary, first timers are most apt to overindulge.

Simply Taro

The Taro is excellent, very intense. There are plenty of fresh fruit toppings available that will compliment this choice nicely. Lychee, kiwi, strawberries, and more are available.

Milk Caramel

On this occasion, I was looking for something a little more traditional, so I went with their Milk Caramel flavor. For toppings, I went with chocolate covered grahams, Heath bar, caramel syrup, and a little shredded coconut. It was very good, but lacked the savory quality of ice cream. Much as I wanted to appreciate it in its own right, it was impossible not to compare to traditional ice cream.

The Final Product

The big plus is that frogurt does not leave you feeling very heavy. It is almost like sucking on a sugar cube. It’s very sweet, very intense, and then it is gone with a glass of water.

This particular Go Greenly branch is very popular. On first entry, the place was packed with a few families. It thinned out after 30 minutes or so, but quickly filled up again. If you venture to this branch, don’t count on getting a seat.

Go Greenly
946 White Plains Rd
Trumbull, CT 06611
(Google Map)


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