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Sac’s Place

Queens is becoming quite the culinary destination. People flock there for a wide variety of ethnic foods, from Indian and Chinese to Greek and Turkish. MG and I were in the area for a Mets game. Happily, I got to see the Mets win for the first time at CitiField. After, we were hungry.

We tried Sac’s Place a few years ago and were excited to go back. It was as I remembered. Pizza is available in two different ways: from the gas deck or from the wood-fired, brick oven. We got two pies from the brick oven.

Complimentary Bread
The complimentary bread was pretty good. There were a few pieces dotted with a bit of sauce and cheese. If we were having pasta, this would have been an excellent companion to the entree.

Small Salad
MG got a small salad ($7.95) which she said was sufficient.

Large Brick Pepperoni
The large Pepperoni ($20.45) was very tasty. It has an incredibly fresh and light flavor. If I was going to be picky, I could say that it could use a little more salt, but the pepperoni adds ample sodium goodness.

Brick Upskirt
The char on the bottom is nice, but not too extensive. The bottom is well cooked, but not cracker-crisp.

Slice of Meatball and Mushroom
I also got a small pie with meatball and mushroom ($12.00). The meatballs are boring. Skip them. The mushroom were very good, fresh and plump. Mushroom and pepperoni might be the move for me on my next visit.

Though the crust on either pie was not incredibly crisp, the pies did not taste underdone. The pizza seems very light even though it’s mostly flour and cheese. The mozzarella is applied in the perfect amount and is a great compliment to their excellent sauce.

Seating at Sac’s can get a little cramped, so don’t travel there with any additional bags or accouterments. The service is friendly and prompt. Definitely give them a shot if you are in the Astoria section of Queens.

Sac’s Place
2541 Broadway
Long Island City, NY 11106
(Google Map)


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