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Comet Ping Pong

Outdoor Sign
This is yet another location that MG and I visited based on the review of a certain peroxide-bleached, spikey haired, sports car driving, restauranteur and chef on a gastronomically centered network. Comet specializes in pizza and ping pong. It looked like a place that was both trendy and intimate, kind of cooky and cool.

Tin of Beer
If you drink beer, you are in luck. Comet has an interesting selection. I got a can of Old Chubb Scotch Ale ($5.00). It was a dark, nutty drink. I would definitely recommend it to go along with pizza or any form of salty food.

Pint O Margarita
If you do not want beer, the pickings are kind of slim. They don’t have a very well stocked bar. However, they were able to scrounge together the makings of a margarita for MG. It was OK. If you drink beer, get a beer instead.

I’ll use this space to give big props to our waitress, Liza. She was fantastic. She was friendly and informative, nice without being sickeningly sweet, and ready with recommendations. The bar took a very long time to get MG her margarita, and Liza just removed it from the tab without any prompting. Big thumbs up!

Small Salad
We started with a small salad ($5.00). They have a house dressing that is vinegar based. While MG will eat that with no problem, it causes me great stomach pain. I asked if there was another option. Liza said that they had a house dipping sauce that was sour cream based with horseradish. I asked for a bit on the side.

The house dipping sauce was pretty good. However, the salad was not. This was not a salad. This was a bit of dark greens, nothing else. There was no tomato, no cucumber, no onion, no nothing. It was not salad, this was a little bit of arugala and spinach. They should either make this better or just remove it from the menu. Weak.

Pepperoni Pizza
MG got their pizza. Each pizza is an individual 12 inch pie ($7.95). She kept it simple with just a topping of pepperoni ($1.00 extra).

Pizza Upskirt
The crust is well toasted without being burnt.

The pizza is another well made boring pie. The sauce had no distinguishing characteristic, and the cheese was largely forgettable. Chalk this up to being another well-made waste.

Philly Calzone
I got the Philly Calzone ($14.00). It features their house roasted pork, broccoli rabe, and provolone cheese. It was very good. I’m not sure that the blend of ingredients is exactly what I would order again, but the calzone had much more flavor than the pizza. The pork was pretty tasty, but I’m not sure that provolone was the best compliment. Some ricotta might have been better.

If you have the chance to dine at Comet, get a calzone. See if you can get it customized, perhaps with some pepperoni, ricotta, and garlic. THAT would be something special.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream
The Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($2.95) was excellent. Liza said it would be great, and it really was great. Really great. It is served in a generous scoop atop a warm chocolate chip cookie. The cookie and the ice cream were both wonderful. This is a must order.

The ping pong section is separate from the dining area, so you don’t have to worry about ping pong balls ending up inside your dinner. There is a dining area in very back of the space complete with a DJ booth. I’m not sure when that is hopping, but it might be interesting to check out. Pop in. Have a beer and a calzone. Skip the pizza.

Comet Ping Pong
5037 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008
(Google Map)


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