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Naan and Beyond

More than anything, MG and I needed to get out of the sweltering heat. We were on the National Mall, jaunting from museum to museum, going from air-conditioned treasury of art to air-conditioned treasury of art, when we got hungry. This meant venturing away from the immediate area to find some lunch.

While there are plenty of options nearby, even a four block walk in 100 degree heat with over 80% humidity feels like a venture through hell.

Sidebar: Why are all the food trucks near the museums and the monuments exactly the same? Every truck serves hot dogs, pretzels, and has the same signs out front. Did the city award an exclusive contract to one vendor? I would imagine that this would be a prime area for a plethora of cuisine options. Unfortunately, the pickings are pretty slim.

Naan Beyond Logo
A quick search on the cell phone, and we located Naan and Beyond. Finding the restaurant is a little difficult. It is located on the top floor of a hotel, but almost completely hidden from view from the street.

Lamb Tikka Sandwich
Inside Lamb Sandwich
The Lamb Tikka sandwich ($7.75) is incredibly tasty. The lamb it mixed with cabbage and tomato inside a fluffy disc of naan with a bit of mayo. It was wonderful. However, I do have one complaint: There was barely any lamb in the sandwich. They should have called it Essence of Lamb Tikka. I understand that lamb may be expensive, but really?

Chicken Tikka Platter
Chicken Up Close
MG fared much better. She got the Chicken Tikka platter ($8.95). It was chocked full of chicken, rice, and two sides. There was a little bit of a language barrier, so MG employed the point and “Gimmie that,” method. What she ended up with adjoining her chicken was a chickpea concoction covered in the same Tikka sauce as chicken. Her other selection was a curry cauliflower. Everything was very good. The Tikka had plenty of spice, the chicken was tender, and the curry was savory. The platter also came with a bit of naan, fluffy and warm.

Naan and Beyond is located in a food court about the same as you would find in any mall in America. It is short on ambiance, but long on taste. Skip the sandwich and go for the platter.

Naan and Beyond
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20045
(Google Map)


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