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Silver Diner

Logo on Mug
Most of the restaurants I go to are carefully researched before I dine. I usually like to check what the history of the restaurant is and if there is a common complaint by detractors. A quick scan of the menu, if available, lets me know if there is anything out of the norm or especially interesting.

There are times that eating at a restaurant is just a matter of necessity. Desire to eat is the main motivator for dining out after all. While in Virginia, MG and I really needed some breakfast. Normally, finding someplace to eat is a relatively easy proposition. On Saturday, June 30, 2012, the feat was a little more challenging. There was a blackout. Most restaurants were without power and thus closed and without customers.

Amidst navigating the streets without traffic lights, MG and I found a place with power. Since they had power, they had a huge line of customers leading out the door. That place was the Silver Diner.

I asked one of the other patrons on the huge line, “Is it usually this crowded on a Saturday?” She replied that they were usually busy, but not quite as busy as this day. Nevertheless, the line was moving briskly.

This outpost of the Silver Diner is a very big joint. They had three people at the front desk to seat diners. Unlike some places where the greeter is also a waiter or waitress, the greeters are solely employed as greeters. There is no time when someone on the line is waiting to be attended to, there is someone there at all times.

Farm to Table
A placard at each table advertises Silver Diner’s farm to table philosophy. What was very surprising was the very affordable prices. Many farm to table establishments will charge handsomely for their fare. The prices at this diner were very close to whatever any standard diner would charge. Looking about at other tables, they did not skimp when it comes to portions. Furthermore, everything looked and smelled great.

Steak Omlette
I got the Philly Steak Omlete ($10.99). It is filled with sliced ribeye, grilled onions, jack and American cheese, and scallions. I went with egg whites ($1.29 extra). The ribeye is sliced very thin, almost like lunchmeat. They are not skimpy with the meat, and they piled it into the omlete in generous amounts. The eggs were cooked perfectly, fluffy and light. There was enough grilled onions to add to the flavor, but not enough to overwhelm the other ingredients. It was a pretty awesome omlette.

Instead of toast, there was a biscuit on the side. It tasted fantastic.

The homefries were pretty good. They could have used a few more minutes on the griddle to crisp the outside more, but they were still quite good. I was impressed.

Caramel French Toast
MG loves her starcy breakfast. While I tend towards eggs and omletes, she desires pancakes and French Toast. Her eyes went directly to the Caramel French Toast ($7.49) topped with fruit ($2.49). She was pleased with the dish. There was some form of fruit dipping sauce with toast that complimented the caramel very nicely.

I think the toast could have been a little more crisp on the outside. MG though that the toast could have used a little more time in the batter. Nevertheless, we both agreed that the bread did taste wonderful. The caramel is applied in a small enough amount to compliment,but not overwhelm.

Side of Bacon
Along with her French Toast, MG got a side of bacon. There was nothing exceptional about it, but it was properly cooked and served in a decent portion.

If you need something simple, but very good, Silver Diner is a fabulous option. The dishes we got were pretty simple, but they were executed very well.

Silver Diner
11951 Killingsworth Ave
Reston, VA 20194
(Google Map)


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