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Bobby Q’s

Bobby Q Logo
July 4 is the time for cookouts and barbeque, but I wasn’t in the mood for cooking. The next best thing was going out for barbeque. Since everyone was busy traveling to see fireworks or grilling in their yards the restaurants were pretty empty.

Westport Storefront
MG and I took in a movie and went to the Westport location of Bobby Q’s. Don’t blink as you drive down Main Street, or you might miss the location. There is a little sign shown above to mark the location. The actually front is down a walkway away from the street. Drive around the back of the main street to find parking.

Freaky Dog Root Beer
They have Freaky Dog Root Beer and other various sodas. I always like when there are choices other than Coca Cola and Pepsi.

Onion Strings
The presentation for the Hot Frizzled Onions ($6.99) is pretty awesome. They are crispy and thin strings of lightly breaded onion. Almost impossible to eat by hand, you have to use a fork. The accompanying spicy dipping sauce is a wonderful companion to the fried strips. The only odd thing about the cone is how it allows the oil to drip down into the plate. If you are eating onion rings in the first place, you know that they are not the most health-conscious of dining choices, but seeing a yellow pool in your plate is not very appetizing.

Spinach Dip
The Warm Spinach Dip($7.99) is plenty spinach, but not much dip. The chips were awful. They didn’t snap or crunch. I’m not sure if they were stale or just lousy.

Open Faced Brisket
If you have read this blog regularly, you know that when barbeque is on the menu, MG is having brisket. While this remained true for this restaurant visit, she did add a slight twist by getting the Open Faced Brisket Sandwich ($12.99). It is served on Texas Toast with cheese and a side of fries. She opted for the sweet potato fries which were incredible. They were crispy and delicious. The Texas Toast was nice, but not what I would consider an excellent companion to the brisket. The brisket was tender and tasty, but closer in feel to roast beef than to fall apart beefy, brisket goodness. Alone, the brisket might go with some cornbread very nicely.

Avoid the Big Easy Jambalaya ($15.99). It is boring. Granted, the restaurant is barbeque, not Cajun, but they should just remove this from the menu. Everything is well cooked, but the dish is flavorless. It’s got ham, sausage, chicken, and no taste whatsoever.

I would try Bobby Q’s again, but would give the ribs a shot. Other tables were ordering full and half racks. They smelled excellent.

Bobby Q’s
42 Main Street
Westport, CT 06880
(Google Map)


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