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Hummus Place

“Where can we eat before the show?”
“There’s a Hummus Place near the theater.”
“Oh cool. Haven’t we eaten there?”
“I think that was Hummus Kitchen.”
“Wasn’t that Hummus House? Or wasn’t it Hummus Town? Hummus Haven? The Hummus Tent?”
“Stop being a jerk.”

There’s a lot of places that serve hummus in New York City. I just think that some of these places should vary their names. Then again, there are plenty of morons around that wouldn’t be able to figure out what the place serves without a big tip in the title.

There are a few locations of Hummus Place around NYC. MG and I were seeing a show at the Beacon Theater, and this was directly across the street. The place is pretty small, but it is not so cramped as to make dining uncomfortable. The one drawback is that since the space is so small, there is no waiting area during crowded hours. Outside is the only real place to wait, and during bad weather that would simply not be acceptable. They do what they can with the space, so don’t take this as a knock. Just be prepared if it is raining and you go there during peak dinner hour.

What I will knock is the Lemonade ($2.50). I believe that it is squeezed fresh. However, it is an unholy abomination that should be avoided at all costs. Do not partake of this foul beverage whatever you do. MG was the recipient of this horrid thing, and she actually thought it was “not bad”. While I respect her opinion on many food issues, this does not extend to many drinks, as she enjoys various teas and other odd things I can’t pronounce. I, on the other hand drink coffee. But I digress… do not order this lemonade.

Hummus Place has a three appetizers special ($9.95). It’s a really cool deal since they have a nice variety of dishes to start.

Grape Leaves
The Grape Leaves are served warm with a green mint sauce. Though they lacked the tang of many traditional grape leaves, they were quite good. I enjoyed them immensely.

The Falafel are great. They are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Accompanied with a little green sauce and tahini, they are a phenomenal dish. If you go to Hummus Place, you must absolutely order this dish.

Though I generally don’t enjoy Babaganush, this offering was very nice. It was not exceptionally creamy, but more of chunky mash of eggplant and spices. It is not overly seasoned or intense, but is a savory experience.

Crispy Pita Pieces
Use the crunch pita pieces that are served alongside the appetizers to dip into the babaganush.

Wheat Pita
When asked for a choice of pita, MG and I opted for wheat. Under the things you see in the picture is a more standard wheat pita. The thing on top is mystery. It was wheat, I think, but it was not soft and fluffy. While I did not hate it, I definitely preferred the more traditional pita to dip into the star of the show.

Hummus Platter
Of course, the star of the show is the Hummus Place Platter ($11). It combines hummus with four different toppings. The first is Hummus Fava, which is pretty self-explanatory. Neither MG nor I were crazy about it. Second was the Hummus Masabacha, hummus topped with chick peas. I suppose that is like putting pieces of tomato on top of marinara sauce. It was good, but not special. My favorite was the Hummus Mushrooms. The sauteed mushrooms on top were a great addition to the creamy hummus. If you are going for a sole dish of hummus, I would recommend this highly. Finally, there was the Hummus Tahini combining creamy hummus with creamy tahini. This is very savory and delicious.

If you’ve got a hankering for some hummus, Hummus Place is a great place. The appetizers are wonderful and the hummus is pretty good. Whatever you do, avoid the lemonade. Have some falafel and hummus, but get a soda or beer.

Hummus Place
2608 Broadway
New York, NY 10009
(Google Map)


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