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When throwing a party for 30 or more people, what to serve is a headache that most people do not want to deal with, hence the existence of caterers. However, depending on the size of your kitchen and dining space, your options may become limited. If you have a big driveway, the Firedog Truck of CT is an option.

Default Lawn Sign
They bring the kitchen. They bring the disposable plates. They bring the condiments. Everyone just walks up to the window and orders what they want.

Chili Cheese Fries
If it is available, MG is having the Chili Cheese Fries. This was not spicy chili, but it was not bland or under-seasoned. It was quite good, sans heat, which many guests were very pleased about. The fries were crispy and the cheese, though not high quality, was plentiful. In all honesty, is high end cheese really needed for chili cheese fries?

Red Hot
The Red Hots are excellent. There was just a little char, and the bun was soft. One of the signs alongside the truck advertise that they use Sarabett Hot Dogs. If you find this truck at any sort of event, definitely opt for the red hot.

Specialty Sign
One of the specialties that they offered for this event was Pulled Pork. That was a big hit for all the guests. Everyone was ordering pulled pork in various combinations: on bun, on fries, on a hero roll, but one options was the…

Dream Dog
Dream Dog: a hot dog topped with pulled pork and served on bun. The pulled pork is nice, but it lacked the vinegar kick that many search for when eating the dish. The hot dog is nice, but overwhelmed by its swiney neighbor. The red hot might have been a better delivery system for this bizarre concoction, but I was full.

Though not pictured, I also tried their grilled chicken. Served on a fluffy Portuguese roll, it was properly charred, meaty, well seasoned, and delicious. They do grilled chicken right, if you are so inclined.

Another specialty item they offered was called “Elvis’ Last Call”. It was a bacon burger topped with peanut butter. I did not partake of this abomination. The reviews were mixed, as should be expected for a mixture of pork, beef, and peanuts. Needless to say, it shows that the folks at the Firedog Truck are willing to mix and match whatever they have available to your liking. Were I not full, a red hot with chili and cheese would have been pretty awesome.

I spoke with the owner, and he says that he and his partner (I assume his wife) have been running the truck for two years. Though they generally do corporate events and private parties, they are also at festivals and concerts. Check their website and twitter for their availability.

Firedog Truck


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