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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Red Face Jack’s

When the Green Bay Packers are playing, I’m watching. I do my best not to miss any games. This is much to the chagrin of MG who likes to wander about during the days of the Fall. However, I was a Packers fan before we started dating, and I’m loyal to a fault. Sorry darling. On Sundays, I’m all about the green and gold.

When we travel during the football season, I must find a place to watch the game (unless it’s a bye week). Red Face Jack’s was recommended by multiple residents as the place to watch the game.

Loaded Tater Tots
MG was nice enough to join me for the start of the game. We split an order of Loaded Bases Tater Tots ($9.99). This is genius. It’s loaded potato skins for people that don’t like the skin of the potato. Brilliant. They are topped with cheddar jack, bacon, and pepperoni. Alongside the dish is a ranch dressing for dipping. I would recommend something like queso crema instead, but the dish was still awesome. Crunchy, fried potato goodness topped with crispy bits of swine. The half-plowed through plate in the photo illustrates how much we were enjoying this dish before I remembered to snap a picture.

Boneless Buffalo Strips
The Boneless Buffalo Strips ($10.99) did not fare as well. The flavor was good and the portion is very respectable. However, the texture was a little off. It felt like the chicken had been grilled and later breaded and fried. Nevertheless, it wasn’t dry, and the flavor was pretty good. Their medium buffalo sauce tastes more of vinegar than pepper. If you really want some buffalo chicken, this offering would not be the worst choice, but I don’t think it will curl your toes.

Turkey Club
I asked the waitress to help me choose between the Turkey Club ($9.99) and the Chicken Parmesan. She recommended the club. Awesome call. This club was enormous… and good. What’s the use of a big, lousy sandwich? The turkey was fresh, not cold cut. It was very tasty. The bacon was crisp and nice. This is a must order. Unless you hate poultry, order this sandwich.

Be forewarned, Red Face Jack’s is a very popular spot, and during the Patriots game, the joint is hopping. It may be difficult to get a seat, and you may even have “that guy” chewing your ear for the entirety of your stay. I am not sure what they are like during the other sporting events, but there are plenty of televisions and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Red Face Jack’s
585 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(Google Map)


Idgy’s Restaurant

Idgys Outside Sign
Idgy’s is one of the more interesting little places I’ve dined at while on Cape Cod. It’s located in a little strip mall and appears pretty nondescript from the outside. Once you enter, things become a little more interesting.

Idgys Menu Board
They have some takeaway menus, but odds are, you’ll be looking at the multicolored chalk drawings. They have a pretty wide selection for a place that looks like a take out deli. However, I still have not mentioned Idgy’s most interesting characteristic.

Lack of Gluten Sign
Everything at Idgy’s is gluten free.

Over the past few years, I’ve have eaten more gluten free food than ever. It is not because I want to be a pain in the butt (you know who those people are), but rather because MG’s father has celiac disease. (For the uninitiated: it means he cannot eat gluten without having adverse side effects.)

Some gluten-free food is okay. Rather, I should say some gluten-free ingredients will not ruin your favorite recipes. I’ve made buffalo chicken with gluten-free flour and cornstarch and it came out fine. Gluten-free pancakes are pretty good. Gluten-free pasta just tastes funky. I usually avoid gluten-free bread altogether.

Idgy’s is pretty informal. Grab a cup at the counter. Pour yourself some coffee or tea and have a seat. Their tea… well it’s a bag in hot water. The most I can say is that the water was hot enough for the tea to draw. The coffee was pretty good.

Sausage and Egg Sandwich with Cheese
I got a Sausage, Egg White, and Cheese sandwich on English Muffin. The sausage, egg whites, and cheese were all fine. The English Muffin was different (scholarly description, I know). It didn’t have the lightness of the standard supermarket English Muffin. It felt more dense. The taste was fine. The texture, while not bad, was a little different. I think I enjoyed it, but I would want to try it again before I commit myself.

Cinnamon Bun
MG got a Cinnamon Bun. It was very “Eh.” It had plenty of cinnamon. It was sweet. Again, the texture was just off. While not offensive, this bun did not make me want to lick my fingers or smack my lips.

Buttered Wheat Toast
The star of the show was MG’s buttered Wheat Toast. Awesome. In this instance, the dense nature of the bread worked in its favor. Some people more acquainted with gluten-free baked goods might be able to offer some insight as to why, but this felt more like cake than bread. More like a good muffin than toast, this would be the perfect breakfast on the go alongside a cup of coffee. Big thumbs up.

If you need some gluten-free dining options, put Idgy’s on your list. While I wasn’t necessarily blown away, I can really appreciate the fact that they are catering to a particular market. Though I don’t think everything was perfect, I could taste the care that they put into their preparations. You may not be amazed by Idgy’s, but I doubt you will leave unsatisfied.

Idgy’s Restaurant
23 S Whites Path
South Yarmouth, MA 03664
(Google Map)

The Dog House Restaurant

Dog House Sign
Hot Dogs. They go hand in hand with baseball, because they are a purely American food. (At least, I’m pretty sure. I didn’t see too many dogs in Senegal.) As I’ve written before, I never crave them, don’t particularly care for them, and won’t go out of my way to eat them. However, when someone gives me a rave review of a place, my curiosity takes over. Such was the case with the Dog House Restaurant.

The Dog House is located on a road, but it should be on the beach. It’s a little shack that overlooks an array of picnic tables. Granted, it’s near the beach, but I’m just creating a visual.

Two Chili Cheese Dogs
MG and I got the same thing, the Chili Cheese Dog. It is their standard dog, but topped with chili and shredded jack and cheddar cheese.

While interesting, I will not be running back the Dog House anytime soon. Their standard dog tastes almost like an overgrown Vienna Sausage. Is that good or bad? I’ll leave that up to individual tastes. It’s grilled on two sides, which create a nice bit of crunch and snap. The flavor is not very beefy. It tastes… well… like a big Vienna Sausage.

The chili did not really taste of chili. It tastes like a nice ground beef and tomato stew with a few beans, but there was no kick at all. Is that bad for a hot dog topping chili? Again, I’ll leave that up to each individual. I would have preferred a little chili pepper in my chili.

The shredded cheese was shredded cheese. If the chili was hotter (temperature-wise) the cheese might have melted a bit, but the beef and tomato substance was on the tepid side. While not necessarily a bad thing, it might turn some folks off who like their food piping hot.

Toasted Buttered Bun
What was very good was the toasted buttered bun. The Dog House clearly serves lobster rolls, because this is the exact kind of casing one want’s their prepared crustacean housed within.

If you need a quick bite, you could do worse.

The Dog House Restaurant
189 Lower County Road
Dennis Port, MA 02639
(Google Map)

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen

Breakfast appears to be a special institution on Cape Cod. Perhaps that accounts for MG’s strange attraction to the place.

Ann Fran Outside Sign
Ann and Fran’s Kitchen is especially popular. During their hours of operation, they are almost constantly busy. There is almost always a wait, sometimes just a few minutes, but a wait nonetheless. The dining area is small, but nicely laid out to make it “cozy” instead of “cramped”.

Cranberry Walnut Pancakes
MG went with one of the specials, the Cranberry Walnut Pancakes. The batter is very tasty and very fluffy. They are wonderfully made, but this particular offering is not great on its own. A little maple syrup makes the dish come alive. Cranberries do not overwhelm this dish, so it is not especially tart, but there are enough to justify the name.

Side of Bacon
Notice that I’ve got lots of pictures of bacon on this site? MG likes her cured breakfast swine. Here’s the portion, properly made.

Sausage Onion Spinach and Shroom Omlette
I opted to decide the ingredients of my egg white omlette. I went with sausage, spinach, onions, and mushrooms. Check out one of each on the top of the omlette to identify the innards. Cool. The few sprigs of parsley are colorful, but don’t do anything for flavor. This was competently made, but nothing special. The sausage is the standard breakfast link. The onions are simple yellow onions. Spinach was spinach and mushrooms were mushrooms.

The home fries were very tasty. They had a crisp exterior and well cooked interior. The toast was wheat toast. Not much to say.

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen is worth a shot if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a seat. I spied another diner’s oatmeal and it looked excellent. While I cannot give them a glowing recommendation, I would not dissuade anyone from eating there come breakfast time.

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen
471 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(Google Map)

Harry’s Bar and Burger

MG and I were off for a little break with a long weekend on Cape Cod. We decided to stop in at Harry’s Bar and Burger along the way. It met all my requirements for a quick stop on a car trip:
1. Near the highway
2. Good reviews
3. Respectable prices

It turns out that Harry’s is very popular with the college students of the area. There were a number inside, some with portfolios under their arms, some complaining about classes, and some people that were just clearly of that age. However, it was not a complete college bar as the front area was filled with people old enough to have college kids of their own.

Harry’s boasts an impressive beer list, but since I was on a road trip and only stopping in for a quick bite, I was not ingesting any beer. A shame, because there were a few microbrews that I would have been glad to try out.

Bacon Cheeseburger
MG got the Bacon Cheeseburger ($5.29). (But there are two burgers in the photo above.) That’s right, each order equals two burgers.

Here is a point of contention amongst purists. Harry’s calls their burgers “sliders”. As I understand it, a slider, by definition, must not only be small, but must be finished atop a bed of onions when cooked on a griddle. These burgers were smaller than average (more on that later), but they did not look or taste to be finished atop a bed of onions. They are served on a potato roll with shredded lettuce, pickle, and special sauce (Russian dressing/Thousand Island/some pink looking thingamagig). The burgers are thin, but not much thinner that the average fast food patty, and while a little smaller than full size, they are clearly bigger than burgers from the famous sliders chain.

…and these were good.

We were not asked how we would like our burgers cooked, and they came out a very nice medium. These was just a sliver of pink in the middle. Unless you need your burger well done, just let it ride. The bacon was standard supermarket fare, but was properly cooked without becoming too crispy or chewy.

Double Double
I got the Double Wide ($6.69), a cheeseburger order with additional patty and slice of cheese. It was simply super. Though they are smaller than average, a standard order at Harry’s will definitely satisfy the most hearty of eaters, especially if paired with a side order.

Sweet Potato Fries
The Sweet Potato Fries ($2.59) are super. There is some form of sauce called a Kryptonite Aoili that is paired with the order. They went together well enough, but the fries are so good, they don’t need any help.

Onion Strings
The Haystack Onion Strings ($3.59) are super thin and crunchy. I got the queasy, filled-with-oil feeling after a little bit, but what did I expect? They’re onion strings. Served with a chipotle Ketchup, the side order is a monster-sized dish that I dare say is too much for one. Nevertheless, it’s great. If you need some onion, order this without hesitation.

To top it all off, we were there during Harry’s Happy Hour, so our burgers were half-priced. That’s a pretty hard deal to top. Even at full price, for the quality and portions, Harry’s would have been a steal. Since our waitress was exceptionally nice and attentive, I made sure to make up the regular price on top of her tip.

Should you find yourself driving through Rhode Island on Interstate 95 and need a burger, stop in at Harry’s.

Harry's Bar and Burger
121 North Main Street
Providence, RI 02903
(Google Map)