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Ann and Fran’s Kitchen

Breakfast appears to be a special institution on Cape Cod. Perhaps that accounts for MG’s strange attraction to the place.

Ann Fran Outside Sign
Ann and Fran’s Kitchen is especially popular. During their hours of operation, they are almost constantly busy. There is almost always a wait, sometimes just a few minutes, but a wait nonetheless. The dining area is small, but nicely laid out to make it “cozy” instead of “cramped”.

Cranberry Walnut Pancakes
MG went with one of the specials, the Cranberry Walnut Pancakes. The batter is very tasty and very fluffy. They are wonderfully made, but this particular offering is not great on its own. A little maple syrup makes the dish come alive. Cranberries do not overwhelm this dish, so it is not especially tart, but there are enough to justify the name.

Side of Bacon
Notice that I’ve got lots of pictures of bacon on this site? MG likes her cured breakfast swine. Here’s the portion, properly made.

Sausage Onion Spinach and Shroom Omlette
I opted to decide the ingredients of my egg white omlette. I went with sausage, spinach, onions, and mushrooms. Check out one of each on the top of the omlette to identify the innards. Cool. The few sprigs of parsley are colorful, but don’t do anything for flavor. This was competently made, but nothing special. The sausage is the standard breakfast link. The onions are simple yellow onions. Spinach was spinach and mushrooms were mushrooms.

The home fries were very tasty. They had a crisp exterior and well cooked interior. The toast was wheat toast. Not much to say.

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen is worth a shot if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a seat. I spied another diner’s oatmeal and it looked excellent. While I cannot give them a glowing recommendation, I would not dissuade anyone from eating there come breakfast time.

Ann and Fran’s Kitchen
471 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(Google Map)


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