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Idgy’s Restaurant

Idgys Outside Sign
Idgy’s is one of the more interesting little places I’ve dined at while on Cape Cod. It’s located in a little strip mall and appears pretty nondescript from the outside. Once you enter, things become a little more interesting.

Idgys Menu Board
They have some takeaway menus, but odds are, you’ll be looking at the multicolored chalk drawings. They have a pretty wide selection for a place that looks like a take out deli. However, I still have not mentioned Idgy’s most interesting characteristic.

Lack of Gluten Sign
Everything at Idgy’s is gluten free.

Over the past few years, I’ve have eaten more gluten free food than ever. It is not because I want to be a pain in the butt (you know who those people are), but rather because MG’s father has celiac disease. (For the uninitiated: it means he cannot eat gluten without having adverse side effects.)

Some gluten-free food is okay. Rather, I should say some gluten-free ingredients will not ruin your favorite recipes. I’ve made buffalo chicken with gluten-free flour and cornstarch and it came out fine. Gluten-free pancakes are pretty good. Gluten-free pasta just tastes funky. I usually avoid gluten-free bread altogether.

Idgy’s is pretty informal. Grab a cup at the counter. Pour yourself some coffee or tea and have a seat. Their tea… well it’s a bag in hot water. The most I can say is that the water was hot enough for the tea to draw. The coffee was pretty good.

Sausage and Egg Sandwich with Cheese
I got a Sausage, Egg White, and Cheese sandwich on English Muffin. The sausage, egg whites, and cheese were all fine. The English Muffin was different (scholarly description, I know). It didn’t have the lightness of the standard supermarket English Muffin. It felt more dense. The taste was fine. The texture, while not bad, was a little different. I think I enjoyed it, but I would want to try it again before I commit myself.

Cinnamon Bun
MG got a Cinnamon Bun. It was very “Eh.” It had plenty of cinnamon. It was sweet. Again, the texture was just off. While not offensive, this bun did not make me want to lick my fingers or smack my lips.

Buttered Wheat Toast
The star of the show was MG’s buttered Wheat Toast. Awesome. In this instance, the dense nature of the bread worked in its favor. Some people more acquainted with gluten-free baked goods might be able to offer some insight as to why, but this felt more like cake than bread. More like a good muffin than toast, this would be the perfect breakfast on the go alongside a cup of coffee. Big thumbs up.

If you need some gluten-free dining options, put Idgy’s on your list. While I wasn’t necessarily blown away, I can really appreciate the fact that they are catering to a particular market. Though I don’t think everything was perfect, I could taste the care that they put into their preparations. You may not be amazed by Idgy’s, but I doubt you will leave unsatisfied.

Idgy’s Restaurant
23 S Whites Path
South Yarmouth, MA 03664
(Google Map)


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