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Red Face Jack’s

When the Green Bay Packers are playing, I’m watching. I do my best not to miss any games. This is much to the chagrin of MG who likes to wander about during the days of the Fall. However, I was a Packers fan before we started dating, and I’m loyal to a fault. Sorry darling. On Sundays, I’m all about the green and gold.

When we travel during the football season, I must find a place to watch the game (unless it’s a bye week). Red Face Jack’s was recommended by multiple residents as the place to watch the game.

Loaded Tater Tots
MG was nice enough to join me for the start of the game. We split an order of Loaded Bases Tater Tots ($9.99). This is genius. It’s loaded potato skins for people that don’t like the skin of the potato. Brilliant. They are topped with cheddar jack, bacon, and pepperoni. Alongside the dish is a ranch dressing for dipping. I would recommend something like queso crema instead, but the dish was still awesome. Crunchy, fried potato goodness topped with crispy bits of swine. The half-plowed through plate in the photo illustrates how much we were enjoying this dish before I remembered to snap a picture.

Boneless Buffalo Strips
The Boneless Buffalo Strips ($10.99) did not fare as well. The flavor was good and the portion is very respectable. However, the texture was a little off. It felt like the chicken had been grilled and later breaded and fried. Nevertheless, it wasn’t dry, and the flavor was pretty good. Their medium buffalo sauce tastes more of vinegar than pepper. If you really want some buffalo chicken, this offering would not be the worst choice, but I don’t think it will curl your toes.

Turkey Club
I asked the waitress to help me choose between the Turkey Club ($9.99) and the Chicken Parmesan. She recommended the club. Awesome call. This club was enormous… and good. What’s the use of a big, lousy sandwich? The turkey was fresh, not cold cut. It was very tasty. The bacon was crisp and nice. This is a must order. Unless you hate poultry, order this sandwich.

Be forewarned, Red Face Jack’s is a very popular spot, and during the Patriots game, the joint is hopping. It may be difficult to get a seat, and you may even have “that guy” chewing your ear for the entirety of your stay. I am not sure what they are like during the other sporting events, but there are plenty of televisions and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Red Face Jack’s
585 Route 28
West Yarmouth, MA 02673
(Google Map)


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