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Pancake Man

Pancake Man Coffee
I think I missed the boat. Though the pictured cup of coffee ($2.25) was alright, I feel bad for not taking advantage of the mimosas that are proudly advertised on the main sign of the Pancake Man. Granted, I did have to drive… but mimosas. If you are hungover, what could be better? Since I did not have a hangover, maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad.

Strawberry Topped Waffle
MG ordered the Strawberry Waffle ($8.59). Her only gripe was that the strawberry topping was cold. I thought the entire dish was a disaster. While the batter for the waffle yielded a good flavor, the execution was horrendous. There was no exterior crunch, so placing a cold compote on top turned the center into a cold mush pile. The waffle itself wasn’t terribly hot, so the butter did not melt, but was a big lump underneath the mountain of whipped cream. Skip this. Get the pancakes instead.

Side of Bacon
The side of bacon ($3.85) was sufficient. Nothing spectacular, but a very respectable offering.

Down Home Skillet
The Down Home Skillet ($10.69 with egg whites) was the exact oppossite of the waffle. It was warm and delicious. Pancake Man offers multiple skillet options, basically homefries topped with various items. This dish was topped with bacon, onions, peppers, and cheese. Each skillet is also topped with two eggs, any style (I got egg whites), and comes with toast. The home fries are well seasoned and perfectly cooked. The toppings were wonderful.

The only complaint I have is that I asked for my skillet without cheese, but it arrived covered in dairy processed glory. I guess it was just an oversight, but it would be a big problem if I was lactose intolerant.

Pancake Man
952 Route 28
South Yarmouth, MA 02664
(Google Map)


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