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The Burrito Poblano

Burrito Poblano Signage
I used to eat at Burrito Poblano often when I worked in Bronxville. Their quality has always been consistent, and they have been a good restaurant for a quick bite.

Complimentary Salsa
Here is the big bowl of complimentary salsa. The chips are nothing to write home about. The salsa is fresh and mild. Personally, I prefer my salsa with a little more kick, but this is safe for the meek and timid.

Other Toppings
The other toppings offer a bit more heat. The green salsa is the spicier of the two. I prefer the red for its combination of sweet and heat. The queso crema is a nice touch.

Chicken Fajitas
MG went with the Chicken Fajitas ($16.95). The main part of the dish is pictured above. I’ll get to the accouterments shortly. At its core, this is just chicken breast with onions and a medley of bell peppers. If you are a big fan of bell peppers, definitely order this dish. However, I am not a big fan. I will occasionally cook with bell peppers, but I put them in a dish for color more than flavor. They just taste dull to me. When I took a forkful of MG’s dish, I just tried the chicken. It left me cold. It was pretty well cooked, but nothing special.

Rice and Beans
The rice and beans are nice. The rice is fluffy and tasty. The refried beans have a little texture and are not the complete mush that some places make of refried beans.

Guac and Tortillas
Pictured above are the rolling tortillas for the fajitas, guacamole that comes with the fajitas, and an additional Side of Guacamole ($4.25). One of the things that Burrito Poblano does very well is guacamole. They don’t do anything special with it, but it is just fresh and delicious.

While the chicken of the fajitas is boring, the combination of the meat, onions, peppers (if that’s your thing), tortillas, guacamole, and condiments makes for a fantastic dish. This is a case of sum being far greater than the parts. If you are just going to eat the chicken, onions, and peppers alone, skip this dish. If you are going to take a bit of everything, this dish may just be the ticket.

Big Chipotle Chicken Burrito
I love the restaurant’s namesake, their burritos. On this occasion I tried something new, the Chipotle Chicken Burrito ($11.95). I’ve had their chicken burritos on many occasion and have loved them, so this wasn’t a huge departure. Check out the size of that thing.

Inside Burrito
Inside the burrito is chicken, cheddar cheese, rice, and beans. It is plenty for anyone. The chicken was nicely done, but the chipotle did not add as much kick as I was hoping. It was alright, but nothing amazing. Adding a little guacamole and crema made it really special.

Burrito Poblano is an excellent choice for lunch, dinner, or take away. Their service is prompt, so if you have a limited amount of time for lunch, you can eat there without worry.

The Burrito Poblano
85 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
(Google Map)


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