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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Paul’s ‘da burger joint!

Pauls Storefront
I’ve got to start this review with an apology. Sunday afternoon is a popular time for eating out in the East Village. If you want a burger in that hood, there are a few places to go. One of the most popular is the spot that MG and I hit first, Veselka.

As you know from my review, the Veselka burger is her favorite, and I am pretty fond of it as well. However, Veselka was packed, as they usually are on Sunday afternoons. I was impatient and wanted to get my meat mastication rolling, so rather than waiting the twenty or so minutes for a seat, I suggested Paul’s.

“Why not?” MG said, with trepidation.

We strolled the few blocks over to Paul’s and I tried to remember the last time I ate there. It was well over fifteen years ago (at least). It was excellent, but not Earth-shattering. I was about to try the burger once again.

Paul’s should not be considered the alternative to Veselka. I feel bad relegating them to second option. Paul’s burger has a very different flavor from Veselka. The burger at Paul’s is some form of sirloin or sirloin blend. It has a different taste and texture from the all-chuck masterpiece of Veselka’s.

Bacon Cheeseburger
I got a Bacon Cheeseburger, done medium. The cooking was perfect, a proper medium. The bacon was standard, but plentiful. The bun was nothing special, but a proper burger delivery system. The seasoning was good, enhancing and not interrupting the good beefy flavor. The burger is a decent size, not the behemoth that Jackson Hole serves, and not the thin patty size found at many fast food burger chains.

MG was pleased. She even graced the establishment with her, “I would come back here,” seal of approval.

Stewarts Root Beer
Along with the burger, I got some root beer. Nothing special, but served with ice.

Best Burger Sign
Are they NYC’s best burger? Probably not, but I wouldn’t begrudge anyone that said Paul’s made their favorite. Granted, if you’re a fan of Veselka’s burger, it can be hard to bypass their gem of a meal. However, if you’re on the fence, definitely give Paul’s a shot. I was happy to rediscover their burger magic.

Paul’s ‘da burger joint!
131 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(Google Map)