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BGR The Burger Joint

BGR Sign
Burger establishments are popping up everywhere. Chains are infiltrating from places near and far. With luck, the New York boroughs and neighboring regions will see a Fuddruckers, or an In-N-Out Burger. For now, we have BGR. Unfortunately, I think the flavor was in the vowels.

Burger with Sweet Potato Fries
MG got a Burger with Mojo Sauce, lettuce, and grilled onion. Technically, the onion was grilled as it touched a grill before being assimilated into the burger whole. However, I don’t think many people would consider it more than an onion that had a couple char marks. (If I hold up a slice of bacon and put a match under it for 40 seconds, have I cooked it?) The Mojo Sauce was like watered-down Russian dressing.

The Sweet Potato Fries were not bad, crisp and tasty.

Burger with Rosemary Garlic Fries
I got a Bacon Cheeseburger with Roasemary Garlic Fries.

First, the fries. Just say “No.” They are not crisp. They are not tasty. The addition of flecks of rosemary with some chopped garlic and oil does not improve the taste (nor do I think it would improve the taste of good fries). Skip them. The sweet potato fries are much better.

On to the burger. Where to start? How about seasoning? How about adding some seasoning? The burger was properly cooked. I asked for medium and got medium. The meat was devoid of taste. Add to that the terrible texture of the patty and you have a pretty underwhelming experience. The patty had that odd feel that is usually accomplished with pre-formed discs. The size of the patty is decent, but who wants and extra helping of bad?

The bun is very good.

Inside Bacon Cheeseburger
For a cheeseburger, it appears they use a blend of American and Cheddar. The bacon was cooked beyond recognition and flavor. They might as well have crisped up two wiper blades and dropped it on top.

The Cross County location of BGR needs better ventilation. I like being able to see the kitchen area, but when the smoke rises off the grill, I don’t need to look across the table through a haze.

If you need some sweet potato fries in a hurry, BGR may be just the thing to satisfy your craving. Anything else, try elsewhere.

BGR The Burger Joint
Cross County
2060 Mall Walk
Yonkers, NY 10704
(Google Map)


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