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Tana Thai Restaurant

Dinner before a movie can be a challenge. How to find something new within an area you’ve tread many times before? In this case, the area in question was New Rochelle. We happened upon a place serving the cuisine that has perplexed me more than any other, Thai.

Brass Utensils
Tana Thai is located in a little conclave of dining establishments, and its size is modest at best. However, I did dig the brass (or at least brass-looking) utensils.

Thai cuisine has always bothered me. It’s never quite as bold as I like. It’s never quite as savory as I desire. It has been an “almost” and “not quite” affair every time I’ve had a new offering. How would Tana Thai compare?

Fried Thai Spring Rolls
MG and I started with the Fried Thai Spring Rolls ($4.95). Rolls of cabbage and a few other vegetable bits were fried crisp and served with what the menu describes as a plum sauce. It was nice, but not particularly impressive. Unless you really need some cabbage, try something else.

Beef Green Curry
I decided to get a beef curry dish ($13.95) and asked the waitress if she recommended green or panang curry. She personally said that she like the green.

Holy crap! I found the Thai of my dreams!

This dish was not curry-lite. This was awesome. The curry was hot and rich. Spices had been doled out without fear of harming a delicate palate. There was no rationing of seasoning. I joked with MG that they may have taken some lessons on curry from the Jamaican place next door. My lips and tongue tingled with burn while the coconut milk tried to calm the heat at the same time. Excellent!

Chicken Red Curry
MG went with her standard order or Red Curry Chicken ($11.95). Check out the dots of peppers. Her dish had the same magical push pull of heat and cool. Wonderful!

The meat from each dish was plentiful and well cooked. I even enjoyed the eggplant in my Green Curry.

Thai White Rice
This is the white rice that came alongside each dish. Nothing special, but nothing bad.

Run to Tana Thai. Don’t walk, run. They have definitely been placed in high standing on my Approved Vendor List. While I’m curious to find out if the other items on the menu can stand up to the curry, it will be hard for me not to order the same meal again. The service is prompt and friendly. They offer Take Out. If you are in the area, they are an excellent option.

Tana Thai Restaurant
134 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801
(Google Map)


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