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La Baguette Cafe

Do my eyes deceive me? Is that actually a food truck in the North Bronx, bordering Mount Vernon? No, it couldn’t be. Maybe it just broke down there and will be gone tomorrow. That must be it.

Wait a minute. It’s there again. It’s there late at night. Oh my goodness. It says “Halal Food” on the side. Could it be that there is a Halal food cart right off the 241 Street exit of the 2 train? Dare I dream? Is it too good to be true?

Yes. Yes, it was too good to be true. The truck lingered for a couple weeks, and then it was gone.

Side of Truck
The Halal Food truck with the French cafe scene on the side is known as the La Baguette. Doing a little research on the good ole interwebs revealed that this truck usually calls Hells Kitchen its home. I guess they have ventured back to their original territory, or perhaps they are visiting new and distant corners of New York.

La Baguette Window Menu
In addition to the mural on the side, this modest menu is in the window. Then again, who needs a menu? Halal truck? Time for lamb over rice. White sauce? Yes, please. Hot Sauce? Yes, please. Onion? Sure.

Lamb over Rice
Like most food trucks, the lamb over rice is gyro meat warmed on the griddle and placed over rice. Salad is then ladled in the container as well. White sauce, and if you are so inclined, hot sauce are dolloped over the top. Deceptively simple, but this meal can be magical when done right.

La Baguette Cafe’s offering is fair. The lamb/gyro meat is plentiful and tasty, but could use a little more seasoning. The rice is well cooked, but nothing special. The hot sauce could use a bit more heat. The white sauce is the standout. It is creamy and savory. The entire platter only cost me $5, so I can’t complain too much.

La Baguette Cafe, I hardly knew thee. I wish you stayed around longer, but alas, you are gone. Should I see you again, I may stop in, if only for nostalgia’s sake. However, if there is another cart nearby with more intriguing lamb, you may get the cold shoulder.

La Baguette Cafe
?????(Who knows were)????


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