Eat It, Damn It!

Reviews, raves, slams, and damns.

BZ’s Mexican Pizzeria

BZ Sign

That’s the review in a nutshell. “No.”

MG wanted pizza. (Thank goodness I was getting something else.) BZ’s offers a gluten free pizza. Their gluten free options are only offered in one size (I guess it would be considered a large personal in many places). She called up and ordered a gluten-free with pepperoni.

“Twenty-five minutes.”
“Twenty-five minutes for a pizza?”
“That’s what they said.”

That was the big warning sign. That was what we would look back on as the flashing DANGER sign that we ignored.

BZ Gluten Free Pepperoni
Not bad looking, right?

The upskirt tells a different story. There is no charring. It is not crisp. Their ovens are probably kept at a fairly low temperature. That would be why it took 25 minutes to cook. This is not looking good. How does it taste?

Get a saltine. Sprinkle a little water on it and leave it on your counter for a few days. Put it in the microwave for around 20 seconds. I think this will give you a good idea of the taste and texture of the crust.

They were pretty light on the sauce, but given the taste, I’m not sure that is a bad thing. The substance that was called cheese defies description. The words coming to mind are “burlap” and “sneaker bottom”.

Maybe this is not indicative of BZ’s other offerings. Some restaurants just put a gluten-free option or two on the menu and don’t give it much care or consideration. I would hate to think that anything else on the menu could be this bad.

BZ’s Mexican Pizzeria
682 Main Street
Dennisport, MA 02639
(Google Map)


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