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The Friendly Fisherman

Route 6 Signage
“Fish”, “Lobster”, “Catch”. These are words that are pretty popular with seafood restaurants. Enter The Friendly Fisherman. It is both a restaurant and supermarket.

I think the term “roadside” would be appropriate for this establishment. Though it is set back from the road, lest you suck in carbon monoxide with your meal, it is just off the main drag that is Route 6.

Menu Board
The menu board features all the Cape Cod favorites.

Chicken Fingers and Fries
MG got the Chicken Fingers and Fries. She wanted to switch the fries for onion rings, but the Friendly Fisherman does not allow substitutions. Both chicken and fried potato were fair. They were properly cooked and the portion was respectable. However, there was nothing special about either one. They were right. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Lobster Bisque
I got the lunch special of soup and additional item. In this case, I paid a little extra to get the Lobster Bisque (instead of the Clam Chowder). This offering was OK. The flavor was nice and it was not logged in oil. There was practically no lobster meat it the container (not that I was expecting any), but the flavor was pretty good.

Seafood Roll
My accompanying item was the Seafood Roll. Perhaps, I’m off, but I hear “seafood roll” and I think of a medley of marine life. Nope. This was a crab roll. Giving the Fisherman the benefit of the doubt, I will allow the possibility that I just got a bad draw. The spoon that reached into the seafood salad may have missed other former-life forms. Perhaps the person after me got a roll with nothing but shrimp. Nevertheless, I only got crab. For a crab roll, it was nice. For a seafood roll? Not so much.

Friendly Fisherman is a quick and easy stop for lunch. The prices are fair and the food is respectable. Don’t go out of your way for a meal there, and I don’t recommend it for dinner. However, if you are in the vicinity and need a quick nosh, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

The Friendly Fisherman
4580 Route 6
Eastham, MA 02651
(Google Map)


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