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From the Seoul

On the road south from Cape Cod, a traveler can get a little weary. Sometimes, said traveler can also get hungry. Thank goodness for mobile phone technology and apps. One can search the virtual world of food review and find a option that may look tasty. Hopefully, this site has been added to your favorites list and you follow it like Gospel, hanging on my every word like manna from heaven.

“‘Manna from heaven’?”
“Go with it. I hope people understand that I’m joking.”
“I don’t know. You may come off as elitist.”
“Oh well. I’ll just roll with it.”

MG and I stopped in Dartmouth for a bite. Through the magic of the interwebs, we found From the Seoul. In the past, MG and I have both been terribly underwhelmed by Korean food, but there were no other options that were jumping out at us. Furthermore, the generally consensus was that From the Seoul was fantastic. The reviews were almost unanimously raves. “Once more into the breach”… or some such rot.

Vegetable Jeon
We started with the Vegetable Jeon. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It tastes very much like an omelette. The pancake has a decidedly eggy flavor and texture. That would be why MG wasn’t as fond of it as I. However, when she added some of the spicy dipping sauce, she found it more palatable. I used the sauce only sparingly. There was a sweet element to it that I thought detracted from the wonderful, egg-like, vegetable-filled goodness. Big thumbs up. Highly recommended.

Assortment of Additions
Here are the accoutrement that are brought out to accompany the main course. I recognize the kimchi. Something else had tofu. Something else was onion. Hell, I don’t know what everything is or what it was called. For me it was, “That stuff is good,” and “That stuff, not so much.”

MG got the Bulgogi. It is a heaping, plentiful portion. There is certainly no skimping on meat. MG found it tasty. I thought it was nice as well. There is nothing about the flavor that stands out as particularly distinct, but it was simply good.

LA Galbi
I got the LA Galbi. It appears to be a cross section of beef rib. It was good, but fighting with the tendon around the bones was a pain in the backside. I believe it was seasoned in much the same was as the Bulgogi, albeit with a different cut of meat.

Overall impression? It was better than most Korean dining experiences that I’ve had. The portions were very generous, and the flavor, though not outstanding, was more rich than other offerings I’ve sampled in the past. If you need a quick bite for lunch, I would definitely recommend giving them a shot.

From the Seoul
127 Faunce Corner Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747
(Google Map)


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