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Seaside Pub on Main

The funny thing about the Seaside Pub on Main is that it looks very different from what you would expect upon seeing the menu. The pub itself is simply that, a pub. It looks like a sports bar. A nice sports bar. A clean sports bar, but a sports bar nonetheless.

That’s actually part of the charm. They are serving a menu that is a little above standard pub fare, or maybe you could call it pub fare especial, but the atmosphere is chill. You can watch the game and enjoy a gluten free delight.

Chicken Sandwich
MG had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. She got it on a Gluten Free bun, with bacon, onions, and goat cheese. The chicken is well done, not dry, and pretty well seasoned. I can’t really speak to the goat cheese as I can’t stand the stuff, but MG liked it. The bacon was thin, really thin. It is more essence of bacon than bacon.

The sweet potato fries that MG opted for were very nice. They were crisp, tasty, and properly salted.

Lobster Roll Special
I went with one of the specials. It was two lobster rolls in pretzel buns topped with bacon. Lobster and bacon? I wasn’t sure, but decided to live on the edge. I got it with their Loaded French Fries option.

My suspicions were confirmed. I do not believe that lobster should be paired with bacon. The bacon sort of overpowers the shellfish. I just ate the bacon as an appetizer. As for the pretzel bun with lobster… the pretzel is a little too hefty for delicate lobster meat. It wasn’t bad, but given the option, I would go with the more traditional lobster bun. The pretzel buns would be an awesome vessel for bratwurst or some other porky cased meat. The lobster itself was sufficient. Nothing amazing, but pretty good.

The Loaded fries are covered with Parmesan Cheese and Truffle Oil. I was absolutely delighted by them. I could not stop shoving them into my mouth. I would label them a must order.

Seaside Pub is definitely a great option for a bite. For the extremely gluten sensitive, they keep separate friers to ensure that there is no cross contamination. Give them a shot, especially if you want to watch the game.

Seaside Pub on Main
615 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
(Google Map)


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