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Rendez Vous Cafe

Rendez Vous Door
Ahhh…. the joy of a good crepe. They can be used as receptacles for many different ingredients, but I tend to stay with items that go well with pancakes and waffles. That’s why I decided to get the Peanut Butter and Jelly crepe.

PBJ Crepe
What you see is not exceptionally large, nor is it small. It’s a pleasant proportion, and the price ($7.95) isn’t bad for a high traffic, high tourist area like Main Street in Hyannis on Cape Cod. The crepe is nice. It is not the magical crepe of a certain Ybor City creperie, but they were not the throwaway tasteless trash of many a street fair. The powdered sugar is a nice touch, and the folks at the shop are good enough to ask if you would like it before making the addition.

PBJ Crepe Innards
As you can see, the innards of the crepe are sufficient without bursting. The peanut butter is standard supermarket fare. The jelly was grape and good, but nothing amazing. Overall, a nice crepe, but nothing to run for at top speed.

Gluten Free Crepe
MG was overjoyed that they offer Gluten Free Crepes. At least, she was overjoyed until she tried a bite. It was horrible. It has the texture and taste of a stale corn tortilla. If you need a crepe sans gluten look elsewhere. Lack of gluten is not worth the horror that this crepe will impart to your palate.

Now, I am not writing this to be unkind. MG has been gluten free for nearly a year. It can be tough finding accommodations and alternates, and I am always very appreciative of the businesses that offer options. These options can run the gamut from exceptional to awful. Few are the exceptional, occasional are the awful, but very often, they are fair. This time, sadly, it was just bad.

Gluten Free Crepe Innards
The innards were very nice and very plentiful. MG got blueberries, strawberries, and if my memory serves correctly, honey. She loved the fillings, but she said, “I should have just cheated,” (meaning gotten the crepe filled with gluten).

The Rendez Vous Cafe is a nice spot. They have a juice bar, plenty of coffees, and the main dining area is big and open. There are plenty of tables and a few couches, and it appears to be a popular spot for the brunch crowd. If you are in the mood for a crepe, definitely stop in, but avoid the GF option.

Rendez Vous Cafe – Creperie Meeting Place
394 Main Street
Hyannis, MA, 02601
(Google Map)


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