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The Wooden Shoe

Wooden Shoe Sign
A lobster in a shoe? Yep, that’s right. A lobster in a shoe. I thought it was a lobster shoe of some kind, but MG corrected me. It is, in fact, a lobster in a shoe. Why a lobster in a shoe? I dunno. I guess sometimes, you just need to have a lobster in your shoe.

Wooden Shoe Menu
Wanna’ see the menu? There it is. No surprises.

Clam Chowder
I asked the waitress if I should have the lobster bisque or the clam chowder. She recommended the chowder. I am very, very glad that she did. I now have a new favorite chowder on Cape Cod. Next time, I’ll see if I can get them to just bring out the vat. Chunky, slightly briny, creamy, but not too think, it was great.

Steak Tips
Sadly, steak tips do not seem to be the forte of any place on Cape Cod. Once again, MG was disappointed. She loved the rice, but found the tips once again, well cooked, but bland.

Corn in Husk
The corn comes in a husk. Notice the nice little container of melted butter adjoining it on the plate. It was well cooked and very nice.

Lobster Roll
The Lobster Roll was great. It is filled with plenty of well cooked, but not overcooked, fresh lobster. The Lays potato chips that accompany it aren’t bad, but shouldn’t a place on Cape Cod use Cape Cod Chips? Ahhh… whatever.

The Wooden Shoe is supposed to be a popular spot with locals. I can understand why. The menu is simple, and the small number of things that they do, they do well. The restaurant has a very “no frills” feel. It’s the kind of place that a food makeover show would love. They would gut the interior and leave the menu. Don’t let that deter you. Drop in wearing your casual clothes and enjoy a drink and good meal.

The Wooden Shoe
419 Lower County Road
Dennis Port, MA 02639
(Google Map)


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