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Melt Sandwich Shop

It took me a long time to make it over to Melt. For a long time I confused it with Melt Shop. I figured that it was a place for grilled cheese and various grilled cheese-like items. It turns out, I was very wrong. Though the name is similar, the two are not affiliated.

Melt has a really cool concept. First, pick the casing that will provide the outer layer of your sandwich. There is flatbread, roll, or hero. Second, pick a meat (there is a veggie option of some kind as well). Finally, pick a sauce, cheese, topping combo.

Wrapped Flatbread
I went with flatbread ($7.95). They make their own in house. It was fluffy and tasty, just airy enough to not be tough, but with enough resistance and heft to not be a wrap. It was like a pliable focaccia. Since they make grilled pizza, this is probably taken from the same mold. Very well executed.

Second, I went with the grilled chicken. Though it was chopped up, which is usually a sure-fire path to drying it out, the meat stayed moist and delicious. Absolutely great. From other reviews I read elsewhere, it appears that people really enjoy the pork and beef offering, but I would have a very hard time going with something else. Grilled chicken appears to be a mystery to many places, but Melt get’s it just right.

For the topping, I went with the Cheddar Bacon option. It wasn’t very heavy on the bacon. Don’t order it and expect thick slices of bacon. It may have been pre-made and put together with the cheese. Perhaps is was made earlier and chopped up to sprinkle on. There was enough there to add to the taste of the sandwich. The option also comes with tomato and chipotle sauce. This chipotle sauce has the right amount of creaminess and kick. It’s not going to burn off anyone’s taste buds, but one might feel a little tingle on the lips.

Bacon Cheddar Chicken Flatbread
Check out how filled that bad boy is with chicken. Even though I took a little while to start digging in (I was playing with my phone), it was still piping hot once I got around to eating.

Though the flatbread was delicious, and I think a great choice, the toppings are very juicy. This is not something you want to eat on the run. You will wear a good portion of your lunch. There is a reason that the proprietors gave me a fork along with my sandwich.

The portion is very sizable. You will not need chips or a side salad.

The folks at Melt are very friendly. They remembered me on repeat visits. I got to talking with one of the staff. Though they do not currently have a gluten-free option, they are working on a recipe. “We’re playing with the mixture.” Accordingly, most people that are gluten intolerant just order the meat, sauce, and cheese options and then get it over a salad.

Melt does not have much seating. Unless you get there early or go late, getting a seat is a crap shoot. Nevertheless, they are a destination spot. The staff is clearly concerned with putting out a quality product and satisfying their customers. Furthermore, their prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of the meal.

Melt Sandwich Shop
277 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, NY 10605
(Google Map)


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