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Bodega on Central

Bodega Storefront
In Florida? Gotta’ get some Cuban food. Granted, MFG and I were in St. Petersburg, not Miami, so we may not have been in the ideal locale for Cuban cuisine. Nonetheless, we found Bodega on Central.

Bodega is a nice little lunch spot, but their seating is mostly outdoors. The menu is not huge, but what they do, they do nicely.

Cuban Sandwich
I opted for the Cuban Sandwich. It was very nice. Everything was in good proportion, from pork to ham, from pickles to cheese. The exterior was crisp, the interior was meaty and salty. A very nice rendition.

Ropa Vieja
MFG got the Ropa Vieja platter. It arrives in something that resembles an oversized Chinese take-out carton. Definitely more environment friendly than plastic. The portion is good. The meat was tasty, and the accompanying rice, black beans, and plantains make it a very good lunch option.

Sugar Cane Sprite Sugar Cane Coke
The soda selection features the cane sugar versions of soft drinks.

If you are in the St. Petersburg area and are willing to travel a little off the beaten path, Bodega is a nice option. There are some shops in the area, so you can do a bit of browsing before and after your meal. It is a little too far to walk from the waterfront area, but is only a few minutes away by car.

Bodega on Central
1120 Central Ave.
St Petersburg, FL 33705
(Google Map)


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