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The Wooden Shoe

Wooden Shoe Sign
A lobster in a shoe? Yep, that’s right. A lobster in a shoe. I thought it was a lobster shoe of some kind, but MG corrected me. It is, in fact, a lobster in a shoe. Why a lobster in a shoe? I dunno. I guess sometimes, you just need to have a lobster in your shoe.

Wooden Shoe Menu
Wanna’ see the menu? There it is. No surprises.

Clam Chowder
I asked the waitress if I should have the lobster bisque or the clam chowder. She recommended the chowder. I am very, very glad that she did. I now have a new favorite chowder on Cape Cod. Next time, I’ll see if I can get them to just bring out the vat. Chunky, slightly briny, creamy, but not too think, it was great.

Steak Tips
Sadly, steak tips do not seem to be the forte of any place on Cape Cod. Once again, MG was disappointed. She loved the rice, but found the tips once again, well cooked, but bland.

Corn in Husk
The corn comes in a husk. Notice the nice little container of melted butter adjoining it on the plate. It was well cooked and very nice.

Lobster Roll
The Lobster Roll was great. It is filled with plenty of well cooked, but not overcooked, fresh lobster. The Lays potato chips that accompany it aren’t bad, but shouldn’t a place on Cape Cod use Cape Cod Chips? Ahhh… whatever.

The Wooden Shoe is supposed to be a popular spot with locals. I can understand why. The menu is simple, and the small number of things that they do, they do well. The restaurant has a very “no frills” feel. It’s the kind of place that a food makeover show would love. They would gut the interior and leave the menu. Don’t let that deter you. Drop in wearing your casual clothes and enjoy a drink and good meal.

The Wooden Shoe
419 Lower County Road
Dennis Port, MA 02639
(Google Map)


Spanky’s Clam Shack and Seaside Saloon

Spankys Sign
Spanky’s is a pretty popular place. Granted, I was there on a day and during the hours that they were not too busy, cause that’s just how I roll, but I could tell. They have their own custom T-shirts, a huge stack of paging devices to tell you when your table is ready, two hostesses ready to seat you, and plenty of waitstaff for the indoor dining, outdoor dining, and bar. Furthermore, Spanky’s is located in a harbor.

I’ve never been a proponent of boats. I’m not saying that I disapprove of them as a means of transport, but it has never been my desire to own a schooner, yacht, ship, or any other sort of maritime vessel. However, many people love to be anywhere that they can gaze upon ships. Some enjoy the activity more when at a bar. Come to think of it, maybe the bar is where the ship owners, and ship desirers meet. Oh well, enough speculation. Onto the food.

Onion Rings
The Onion Rings are amazing. They are crisp. They are meaty. The shell is gluten free (made with cornstarch). The onion tastes fresh. There is no excess oil. They are the zenith of onion rings. Ok… maybe I am going a little overboard, but they are really, really good.

Steak Tips Salad
Sadly, the Steak Tip Salad did not fare quite as well. MG pronounced the lettuce “tinny”. While the steak was well cooked, it left something to be desired in the way of seasoning. MG ended up eating the steak with a healthy dose of salt, pepper, and steak sauce. She ate it mostly without the lettuce, but with the cucumbers, peperoncini, and other salad accoutrement.

Our waitress was Gina. She was great. She took MG’s order first, which is a great quality. I’m a big believer in ladies ordering first. When MG told her about the tinny lettuce, Gina was mortified. She tried her best to make it right, from offering us drinks to dessert, but we were OK at that point. However, her efforts should not go unmentioned. Ask to be seated in her section. She will treat you right.

Lobster Roll
The Lobster Roll, as you can see, is absolutely bursting and overstuffed with lobster. The lobster was not anything amazing, but that is the beauty of lobster. It just needs a little salt, and maybe a touch of lemon, and it tastes wonderful. The accompanying french fries were pretty good. The pickle slices were especially nice.

Stop in a for a drink. Have the onion rings. Watch the boats. Who doesn’t like the restaurant that sports a happy clam?

Spanky’s Clam Shack and Seaside Saloon
138 Ocean St #115,
Hyannis Port, MA 02601
(Google Map)

Rendez Vous Cafe

Rendez Vous Door
Ahhh…. the joy of a good crepe. They can be used as receptacles for many different ingredients, but I tend to stay with items that go well with pancakes and waffles. That’s why I decided to get the Peanut Butter and Jelly crepe.

PBJ Crepe
What you see is not exceptionally large, nor is it small. It’s a pleasant proportion, and the price ($7.95) isn’t bad for a high traffic, high tourist area like Main Street in Hyannis on Cape Cod. The crepe is nice. It is not the magical crepe of a certain Ybor City creperie, but they were not the throwaway tasteless trash of many a street fair. The powdered sugar is a nice touch, and the folks at the shop are good enough to ask if you would like it before making the addition.

PBJ Crepe Innards
As you can see, the innards of the crepe are sufficient without bursting. The peanut butter is standard supermarket fare. The jelly was grape and good, but nothing amazing. Overall, a nice crepe, but nothing to run for at top speed.

Gluten Free Crepe
MG was overjoyed that they offer Gluten Free Crepes. At least, she was overjoyed until she tried a bite. It was horrible. It has the texture and taste of a stale corn tortilla. If you need a crepe sans gluten look elsewhere. Lack of gluten is not worth the horror that this crepe will impart to your palate.

Now, I am not writing this to be unkind. MG has been gluten free for nearly a year. It can be tough finding accommodations and alternates, and I am always very appreciative of the businesses that offer options. These options can run the gamut from exceptional to awful. Few are the exceptional, occasional are the awful, but very often, they are fair. This time, sadly, it was just bad.

Gluten Free Crepe Innards
The innards were very nice and very plentiful. MG got blueberries, strawberries, and if my memory serves correctly, honey. She loved the fillings, but she said, “I should have just cheated,” (meaning gotten the crepe filled with gluten).

The Rendez Vous Cafe is a nice spot. They have a juice bar, plenty of coffees, and the main dining area is big and open. There are plenty of tables and a few couches, and it appears to be a popular spot for the brunch crowd. If you are in the mood for a crepe, definitely stop in, but avoid the GF option.

Rendez Vous Cafe – Creperie Meeting Place
394 Main Street
Hyannis, MA, 02601
(Google Map)

Seaside Pub on Main

The funny thing about the Seaside Pub on Main is that it looks very different from what you would expect upon seeing the menu. The pub itself is simply that, a pub. It looks like a sports bar. A nice sports bar. A clean sports bar, but a sports bar nonetheless.

That’s actually part of the charm. They are serving a menu that is a little above standard pub fare, or maybe you could call it pub fare especial, but the atmosphere is chill. You can watch the game and enjoy a gluten free delight.

Chicken Sandwich
MG had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. She got it on a Gluten Free bun, with bacon, onions, and goat cheese. The chicken is well done, not dry, and pretty well seasoned. I can’t really speak to the goat cheese as I can’t stand the stuff, but MG liked it. The bacon was thin, really thin. It is more essence of bacon than bacon.

The sweet potato fries that MG opted for were very nice. They were crisp, tasty, and properly salted.

Lobster Roll Special
I went with one of the specials. It was two lobster rolls in pretzel buns topped with bacon. Lobster and bacon? I wasn’t sure, but decided to live on the edge. I got it with their Loaded French Fries option.

My suspicions were confirmed. I do not believe that lobster should be paired with bacon. The bacon sort of overpowers the shellfish. I just ate the bacon as an appetizer. As for the pretzel bun with lobster… the pretzel is a little too hefty for delicate lobster meat. It wasn’t bad, but given the option, I would go with the more traditional lobster bun. The pretzel buns would be an awesome vessel for bratwurst or some other porky cased meat. The lobster itself was sufficient. Nothing amazing, but pretty good.

The Loaded fries are covered with Parmesan Cheese and Truffle Oil. I was absolutely delighted by them. I could not stop shoving them into my mouth. I would label them a must order.

Seaside Pub is definitely a great option for a bite. For the extremely gluten sensitive, they keep separate friers to ensure that there is no cross contamination. Give them a shot, especially if you want to watch the game.

Seaside Pub on Main
615 Main Street
Hyannis, MA 02601
(Google Map)

From the Seoul

On the road south from Cape Cod, a traveler can get a little weary. Sometimes, said traveler can also get hungry. Thank goodness for mobile phone technology and apps. One can search the virtual world of food review and find a option that may look tasty. Hopefully, this site has been added to your favorites list and you follow it like Gospel, hanging on my every word like manna from heaven.

“‘Manna from heaven’?”
“Go with it. I hope people understand that I’m joking.”
“I don’t know. You may come off as elitist.”
“Oh well. I’ll just roll with it.”

MG and I stopped in Dartmouth for a bite. Through the magic of the interwebs, we found From the Seoul. In the past, MG and I have both been terribly underwhelmed by Korean food, but there were no other options that were jumping out at us. Furthermore, the generally consensus was that From the Seoul was fantastic. The reviews were almost unanimously raves. “Once more into the breach”… or some such rot.

Vegetable Jeon
We started with the Vegetable Jeon. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It tastes very much like an omelette. The pancake has a decidedly eggy flavor and texture. That would be why MG wasn’t as fond of it as I. However, when she added some of the spicy dipping sauce, she found it more palatable. I used the sauce only sparingly. There was a sweet element to it that I thought detracted from the wonderful, egg-like, vegetable-filled goodness. Big thumbs up. Highly recommended.

Assortment of Additions
Here are the accoutrement that are brought out to accompany the main course. I recognize the kimchi. Something else had tofu. Something else was onion. Hell, I don’t know what everything is or what it was called. For me it was, “That stuff is good,” and “That stuff, not so much.”

MG got the Bulgogi. It is a heaping, plentiful portion. There is certainly no skimping on meat. MG found it tasty. I thought it was nice as well. There is nothing about the flavor that stands out as particularly distinct, but it was simply good.

LA Galbi
I got the LA Galbi. It appears to be a cross section of beef rib. It was good, but fighting with the tendon around the bones was a pain in the backside. I believe it was seasoned in much the same was as the Bulgogi, albeit with a different cut of meat.

Overall impression? It was better than most Korean dining experiences that I’ve had. The portions were very generous, and the flavor, though not outstanding, was more rich than other offerings I’ve sampled in the past. If you need a quick bite for lunch, I would definitely recommend giving them a shot.

From the Seoul
127 Faunce Corner Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747
(Google Map)