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The Original Seafood Restaurant

Original Seafood Storefront
As you drive about Cape Cod, you may see a few outposts of the franchise Kreme N’ Kone. From what I could see of the history of The Original Seafood Restaurant, they were once within the fold. At some point, they became their own entity.

Large Clam Chowder
We start with the clam chowder. You can get New England Clam Chowder anyplace on Cape Cod. Heck, I think gas stations might even have it on the menu. There is nothing special about this particular one. It is not bad, but unless you desperately want some clam chowder, there are more interesting options elsewhere (like The Skipper).

Fish Sandwich and Rings
The Fish Sandwich, on the other hand, is exactly what a fish sandwich should be. It had a crispy tasty crust, was served on a fluffy roll, had just the right amount of tartar sauce, and it was beautiful. It was the fish sandwich against which I will measure all other fish sandwiches.

Close Up Crispy Haddock
Take a look at that beautiful crust. When ordering the fish sandwich, one can choose between cod and haddock. I went with the haddock. It was tender, but meaty. The crisp crust yielded to a tender inside with each bite. I was so pleased with this offering, I was able to overlook the onion rings.

The onion rings are forgettable. The flavor is nice, but the texture is mush. It was more like a pile of fried onion with random breading, more suitable for eating with a fork than fingers.

Lobster Roll
Another Cape Cod stable, the Lobster Roll was quite nice. Original Seafood offers a hot or cold roll. I went with the cold.

Toasted Lobster Roll Bun
Plenty of lobster meat fills the well toasted bun. They could have been a tad lighter on the mayo, but it did not detract too much from the overall experience. I’m not sure if it is paprika or Old Bay that is sprinkled on top. Either way, it added a little more complexity to the overall flavor.

Original Seafood is a wonderful place. I would gladly go there again. The restaurant itself is very casual, set up like a fast food joint. If you want a great, simple meal, head on over.

The Original Seafood Restaurant
527 Main Street / Rt. 28
Dennisport, MA 02639
(Google Map)


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  1. campingwithcaviar July 3, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    so sad….you guys are on the cape and we are not 😦

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